Zero Tolerance: Don't Move- National Newspapers + TV- Exclusive Picture Story- ***August 2011***

Exclusive photos of a policeman holding a gun to a youngster's head show how the police have adopted a no-nonsense approach in the aftermath of the UK riots.

The shocking photos were sold to us by a shocked mum who wanted to show what was going on while remaining anonymous.

We sold the photos- taken on a Blackberry mobile phone- to The People newspaper as an exclusive within two hours of them being taken.

To earn the customer even more money we will now syndicate the photos across the world.

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THIS is the moment an armed copy held a gun over the head of a 15-year-old boy in a suburban British high street rocked by riots.

The officer pointed the semi-automatic assault rifle over the lads head outside a Greggs bakery in Wythenshawe, south Manchester scene of devastating riotsjust four days earlier.

The dramatic scene came as disgusted parents began handing their childreninto police around Britain for taking part in the orgy of destruction.

The Wythenshawe stand-off happened just nine days after the fatal shootingof dad-of-four Mark Duggan, 29, which sparked savage looting acrossBritain.

The boy in our exclusive picture was among a group of seven aged 11 to 15 who spent 15 minutes pinned to the floor before the gun cops made an arrest infront of more than a hundred terrified shoppers.

A 28 year  old mum who watched with her six-year-old daughter told The People: I was absolutely petrified. You wouldnt normally
expect to see anything like this around here but then we had these riots.

Last Tuesday 40 police officers in riot gear swarmed on the same town centre with batons drawn.

They were involved in skirmishes with youths aged between 12 and 15 who were
running at police and taunting them.

Another witness of yesterdays gun drama said: Tensions have been high since we had the trouble with the
rioters.As soon as armed police arrived we thought another riot was going tobreak out but the police managed to keep in under control.

We have heard a lot about police getting tough in the wake of the riots and this lot were zero tolerance, simple as that.

Another onlooker said: There was a group of lads sitting around on their bikes in the middle of the precinct.

ThenI heard shouts of Armed police and Get down. It was all so fast.The boys flew on to the ground and the police had the guns close totheir heads.

There werethree armed police and about another 10 back up officers. For the next15 minutes the lads on the ground were being searched and had names andaddresses taken. The police seemed particularly {interested in a bagone of them had.

They tore it open but there just seemed to be boxes of Smarties and other stuff from Greggs.

Eventuallythey got one lad about 12 in handcuffs and led him away. The otherswere eventually just allowed to go on their way. I heard one of themsay Im never coming back down here again, Im really embarrassed.

Apolice spokesman said last night: Someone was observed by a passerbypassing what looked like a handgun to another youth on a bike.

Police officers including armed officers subsequently detained two males. Aweapon recovered was subsequently discovered to be a BB gun. The two arrested are both still in custody.

At first police denied they had drawn a gun against the boy but later aspokesman admitted: If the firearms officer is pointing a gun thatfirearms officer is entitled to do so if they feel the threat level issufficient. That would be within protocol.

Policesources said the second arrest was an adult picked up at a separatelocation in relation to the same incident. Wythenshawe is the placethat hit notoriety when a hoodie made a mock gun gesture behind DavidCameron while the Tory leader was on a walkabout.

Yesterday parents led the fightback against Britains riot shame by shopping their own children.

A judge overseeing the case of a boy of 14 shopped by his teaching assistant mum spoke of the heartbreak suffered by parents.


The boy was among FIVE separate cases to emerge yesterday of police making arrests after parents turned in their children.

The controversial moves won support from a string of leading national parenting organizations.

Incase number one the 14-year-old who cannot be named for legal reasonswas frogmarched to his local police station after the stunned mothersaw his photo in a newspaper report about the outrage which sweptManchester city centre last Tuesday. In court the boys shattered mumlistened on in shame as his theft of gum from a looted Sainsburyssupermarket was revealed.

Handling the lad a referral order, the district judge said: This is
heartbreaking for the parents.

Thejudge then asked his parents to stand up in court and congratulated them on their response, saying more parents should take their{responsibilities so seriously.

Asecond Manchester lad aged 16 was made to confess by his mum after shesaw CCTV footage of him stealing three bottles of vodka fromSainsburys.

The lad was given a tag and curfew after he admitted burglary.

And Kyle Hobson, 21, of Droylsden, Lancs, who is accused of being part ofraids on Spar and Tesco Express stores was hauled before a court afterhis mother saw him on Sky News. He was remanded in custody.

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