Warning: Road Rage Killer- The News of the World- Exclusive news story- ***September 2010***

We were contacted by the girlfriend of road rage murderer Tracie Andrews who wanted to sell her story and warn that the killer should not be released early.

Becky Davies decided to come forward after pictures of Andrews on day release appeared.

We sold the story on Becky's behalf to the News of the World newspaper for which she received an excellent fee.

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'ROAD RAGE' murderer Tracie Andrews' lesbian jailbird lover has told of their fling for the first time, insisting the killer is EVIL and should NEVER be freed.

Becky Davies admitted she romped her way through a secret 18-month affair with Andrews, serving life for stabbing fiancé Lee Harvey to death then blaming it on a mystery maniac motorist.

EVIL: Tracie Andrews with her victim Lee Harvey
EVIL: Tracie Andrews with her victim Lee Harvey

But she revealed how it all came to a dramatic end when the blonde monster ATTACKED her in a fit of jealous rage.

Disgusted that Andrews is now due to be freed next year after just 14 years inside, 28-year-old Becky told us: "Tracie's a psycho. She doesn't deserve to be let out and she WILL kill again."

Becky said Andrews, 41, charmed her with gifts and love notes when they met at Foston Hall women's prison in Derbyshire. But a few months on that turned to obsession and the killer revealed her dark side, flying into manic rage if Becky so much as talked to another woman.

Becky said: "It all ended when Tracie spotted me one day in the prison garden with one of my ex-girlfriends and just snapped.

"She called me to her cell and then grabbed me. She tried to strangle me, kicked me and threw me out. She was screaming, 'Get out! Get out!' In that moment I certainly felt she was capable of murder. She really scared me.

"One of the girls reported it to the governor, but I told them I didn't want to take any further action. In the toilets later I told Tracie I'd kept quiet and she said, 'Good. DON'T say anything about me or I won't get my parole.' And that's all she was worried about."

KILLER CHARM: Andrews wooed Becky with passionate love notes PHOTO: SWNS
KILLER CHARM: Andrews wooed Becky with passionate love notes

Becky is now free after serving five years for assaulting a police officer. But vivid memories of Andrews' violence came flooding back when she saw last week's reports of her ex out shopping in York, preparing for release day.

At home in Cwmbran, South Wales, Becky added: "I just thought 'Jammy cow.' She has the Prison Service believing her lies.

"But she's a horrible person and showed her true colours to me eventually. Getting involved with her was the mistake of my life."

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