We comntacted and asked for help in getting publicity for villagers who had won a campaign to get their red phone box reinstalled.

The story appeared in the Daily Mail as well as other national newspapers.

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Out with the new... in with the old: Village is first to bring back old phone box after 25-year battle with BT

Daily Mail newspaper

It is one of the defining symbols of 20th century Britain . . . one which, sadly, has been committed to history by the mobile phone.

But in one small corner of England, the red telephone box is making a triumphant comeback.

The utility was returned to its rightful place yesterday in Hampstead Norreys, Berkshire, after a battle by the 600 residents which went right to the top at BT.

Landmark victory: BT today returned the traditional red telephone box it removed 25 years ago from Hampstead Norreys in Berkshire following a two-year campaign by residents

Red telephone box in Hampstead Norreys

The victory is expected to prompt hundreds of other villages to demand similar restorations.

The refurbished traditional box is hoisted into place. BT agreed to equip it with a working phone line

The old grey phone box being removed

'Initially, the request was met with a firm "No" as it was not within BT's policy to re-instate old red K6 telephone boxes,' she said.

A villager takes a peak inside. The campaigners said it was the first reinstatement of a public K6 kiosk with a working telephone

Red telephone box in Hampstead Norreys

Out with the old, in with the older: Villagers considered the old 1980s phone box an out-of-place 'monstrosity'

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