Video: Rude Lord Sugar- Sun On Sunday Newspaper- Exclusive News Video- ***December 2012***

Teenager Ben Clark was sworn at by millionaire businessman Alan Sugar aftyer jokingly shouting his catchphrase at him.

Ben caught the incident on video which we were able to sell for him to the Sun on Sunday newspaper as a quirky story.

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TETCHY Alan Sugar called schoolboy Ben Clark a "p****" after the teenager jokingly told him: "You're fired."

Ben filmed the Apprentice boss losing his rag on his handheld computer.

Lord Sugar was at a top cycle show in Birmingham's NEC Arena when the 16-year-old approached him.

Mimicking the tycoon's famous catcphrase, the teenager wisecracked: "Alan, you're fired."

Lord Sugar who took up cycling five years ago replied sharply: "And you're a p****.

The moody multimillionaire strode away without trading any more insults with stunned Ben.

The youngster now 17 from Wrexham, North Wales, explained: "I was there with my parents and some friends. I saw Alan Sugar near a stall and he was looking at bikes.

"It's known that he likes bikes and that he's quite a keen cyclist himself.

"He seemed to have a guide there with him along with a security entourage.

"I just said to him, 'Alan... you're fired.' He turned round and said to me, 'You're a p****.'

"There were about 30 bystanders around including children so I just let it go. His security entourage didn't react at all.

"It's not right. He's a Lord and I was 16 a Year 12 schoolboy. Also he has a TV show where he deals all the time with people of my age group.

"I was a bit shocked because I wouldn't expect him to say that in front of bystanders."

Ben explained that he recorded the putdown on his iPod Touch.

Lord Sugar has put up with strangers pulling his leg almost daily since The Apprentice became a hit on BBC seven years ago.

They walk up to the 65-year-old said to be worth 770million and laugh: "You're fired."

A spokesman for businessman declined to comment last night.

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