Tragic: UK's Youngest Mum Beomes Addicted To Heroin- The News of the World- Exclusive News Story- ***August 2010***

Earlier this year a girl who hit the headlines four years agoa s the UK's youngest  mum sold her story about how she had turned her life around and now wanted to win custody of her baby.

Now 16, Tressa Middleton said she was ready to look after the baby she had fallen pregnant with at just 11 years of age.

We were contacted by someone who was concerned both for Tressa and at the thought of her being given back her baby.

The friend handed over footage of Tressa which clearly showed she had a heroin addiction.

The story appeared on the front page of the Scottish edition of the News of the World newspaper.

Read the full story below.

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Tressa Middleton needs help NOW

News of the World newspaper.

INSIDE a filthy hovel strewn with blood-stained needles, Britain's youngest mum drives a syringe loaded with deadly heroin into her emaciated body.

Frail Tressa Middleton - who fell pregnant when she was just 11 years old - stares vacantly ahead as the killer drug begins to flood through her ravaged veins.

Then the desperately addicted teenager wrenches the needle from her pale flesh, dabbing at the bloody puncture mark before kissing her junkie boyfriend and sinking numbly back into a stupor.

The News of the World can today reveal the chilling reality of the troubled 16-year-old's life of despair - injecting heroin up to seven times a day in the squalid tenement flat she shares with lover Darren Young, 24.

And last night one of her terrified pals warned: "Tressa has gone from a youngster with so much to live for, right through the gates of hell.

"I have seen her so out of it, I actually thought she was going to die. I have seen there lying comatose, almost lifeless. Her life is in turmoil. She needs help NOW."

Our harrowing footage reveals the tortured teenager's shocking life on the notorious Lochside housing estate in Dumfries.

Vulnerable Tressa wanders the streets with Darren as they beg, steal and borrow to feed their crippling heroin addictions.

The pair score smack from local dealers before heading back to their grimy home, which is littered with bags of powder and drug gear.

Our pictures show Tressa pulling down her white jeans and searching for a spot on her fragile, needle- scarred body to inject yet another dangerous fix.

The graphic images were passed to the News of the World by a friend of the troubled teenager who is desperate for the young mum to get help before she kills herself.

The pal said: "Tressa is out of control. She is mainlining so much heroin into her veins that we are really worried about her.

"It would be utterly devastating if a 16- year-old lassie who has been through so much heartache overdosed on drugs - but that's what we all fear.

"It's an outrage that she has fallen so low and the authorities haven't stepped in.

"Hopefully they will have to do something now that the News of the World is exposing Tressa's self- destructive lifestyle and the absolute nightmare of her daily existence."

Tressa was just 11 when she fell pregnant after being raped by her brother at her family's home in Armadale, West Lothian.

Jason Middleton, 20, was caged for four years in 2009 for the attack.

She gave birth to their daughter in June 2006 and both Tressa and the baby were put into foster care. But officials decided to separate them and Tressa signed adoption papers around 18 months ago.

As her life then spiralled out of control, the youngster turned to drink, drugs and self-harming. And in June 2008 she was pictured with dozens of scars where she had cut her slender arms.

Her pal explained: "It's a way for her to cope with everything she has been through and has to cope with. The powers that be have always known that - but why is she allowed to be in this state?

"At 16 she's far too young to have a heroin addiction. Someone needs to intervene, get her clean and get her back with her child."

Tressa had been living in a welfare support centre in Lockerbie, where she was supposed to be under the supervision of social workers.

But she left after falling in love with jobless addict Darren, who had previously been dating one of her young pals.

She even continued to see him when he was locked up in Dumfries nick over shoplifting charges, and they moved in together when he was released earlier this year.

At first they lodged with another couple at a bedsit in the town before moving into the Lochside flat.

Tressa recently raked in thousands from interviews, posing with Darren and claiming she was determined to turn her life around and even join the Army. "I'm going to give myself a couple of years to get sorted and then I'm going to fight for access to my little girl," she said.

"I want to get out and see the world. If I stay here I could end up taking drugs again. There was no discipline in my house as a child so I think the Army will do me good."

Tressa claimed she had turned her life around and was drink and drug free as she tried for another baby.

She claimed: "I think my life is on track now. I can be a good mum. And I know Darren will be a brilliant dad."

But the pal revealed Tressa can now barely care for herself, let alone a child - and the cash from her magazine deals has been blown on drugs. "I wouldn't let a child go near her because of her horrific drug-taking," said the friend.

"Darren has been spending all of Tressa's money on drugs. Thousands and thousands of pounds have gone on heroin. Those two were getting through half an ounce of heroin - around 500 worth - every two days.

"At first Tressa was only smoking it in foil - chasing the dragon they call it. But then she got on to injecting it. Sometimes I could hear her screaming in agony when he shoved the needle in the wrong place.

"Her body is a mess with holes and covered in scabs.

"Tressa would sometimes get violently sick. That's why I have been worrying that she might overdose.

"The stuff she was injecting looked so dark I thought there must be blood in it.

"But the darker the mixture, the stronger it is - and I've seen her inject stuff that was brown." The frantic pal told how Tressa is now so desperate for drug money she has pawned her beloved iPhone and has fallen prey to scheming dealers who offer her credit.

And in another blow, Darren was this week arrested and appeared in court for allegedly stealing an Xbox game from Tesco.

The friend admitted: "She has reached rock bottom. She has spent everything. She's in a desperate state and I don't know what she's going to do next.

"What hope has she had? Abuse, a child at 12, now drugs. It's just a shocking sign of the times that a perfectly decent person has lost their childhood like this."

News of Tressa's pregnancy shocked the world when it was revealed, but her identity was protected until her 16th birthday earlier this year.

Since then, disturbing pictures of her cradling her newborn daughter have emerged, showing the exhausted youngster looking more like the tot's sister than her mum.

Tressa's own 38-year-old mum Tracey Tallons (below) - who has six kids by four different fathers - said she was "proud" of her daughter for keeping the baby, but contact between them is now thought to be limited.

Last night anti-drugs campaigner Alastair Ramsay, former director of Scotland Against Drugs, was shocked at our disturbing footage.

He said: "This tragic and horrifying situation illustrates the dangers of drug addiction. Many youngsters don't believe that this can happen to them. They don't understand that even meddling in drugs can lead to a terrible predicament like this."

Alastair, who now runs Drugwise Ltd, added: "This girl needs to have her case looked at."

Elaine Murray, Labour MSP for Dumfries, added: "This is an utterly tragic story.

"This young girl seems to have slipped through the net of child protection when she was younger.

"She was obviously an extremely vulnerable child but no one seems to have been keeping an eye on her and looking out for her. Now, sadly, she is addicted to heroin."

And local Labour councillor David McKie - former chairman of social work at Dumfries and Galloway Council - said: "We can only hope that she seeks help." Tressa's concerned pal told how she is now desperate for her troubled friend to get the help she needs before it is too late.

She said: "It's utterly and totally tragic what has happened to Tressa. She is a just a vulnerable and emotionally disturbed child who has fallen into the grip of evil.

"She needs help and I hope that she gets it before it's too late.

"It would an unimaginable tragedy if a teenager who has come through so much doesn't get the help she so badly needs."

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