The Model, A 3m Scam And Bale's Father-In-Law - Sunday Mirror Newspaper- Exclusive Crime Story- ***November 2013***







An anonymous tipster revealed that that a glamour model has been questioned by police involving a £3m scam linked to Gareth Bale's fiancee's dad.

We sold the story exclusively  to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, keeping the identity of the source confidential.

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Glamour model held over £3m scam linked to Gareth Bale's fiancee's dad

American detectives are investigating whether she is part of a scam allegedly run from Barcelona by Martin Rhys-Jones

A model who starred in an ITV show has been arrested over a £3million global fraud allegedly masterminded by the dad of Gareth Bale’s girlfriend.

Jamie-Lee Church, 27, was held in a raid at her home near Marbella.

American detectives are investigating whether she is part of a huge “boiler room scam” allegedly run from Barcelona by Martin Rhys-Jones.

Jones, 49 – the father of Real Madrid star Bale’s girlfriend Emma – is on remand in a US jail.

The alleged scam saw people duped into buying “near worthless” shares at sky-high prices.

Singer Church – who won a record deal after appearing in Popstars: The Rivals in 2002 – is one of 12 defendants named on an indictment in New York.

The former hairdresser, originally from Brighton, now faces extradition to the US where prosecutors want her to stand trial alongside Rhys-Jones over the telemarketing scam claims.

Church is accused of cold calling unsuspecting victims, posing as “Charlotte Keys”, and persuading them to buy stocks using “carefully written and detailed scripts containing false and fraudulent representations”.

Prosecutors claim the model, who has also posed for lads mags, made £50,000 from the scam which went on for at least three years until August 2009. They hope to put the defendants on trial next year.

Rhys-Jones set up a business in Barcelona in 2005 after separating from his wife in Cardiff.

Welsh international Bale, 24, and fiancee Emma reportedly postponed their wedding after her father was extradited to New York in June. If convicted, he could face up to 30 years’ jail and a £160,000 fine.

Yesterday a Foreign Office spokesman said: “We can confirm the arrest of a British national in Spain in November 2013. We provided consular assistance.”

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