The Apprentice: You're Sued- Daily Mail Newspaper- Exclusive Showbiz Story- ***February 2012***

This showbiz exclusive revealed how former BBC TV Apprentice winner Stella English is set to sue Lord Suger.

We were tipped off by an anonymous source who was keen to see the story in the media.

The Daily Mail ran the story as en exclusive on page 3.

Scroll down to read the full story.

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When he handed her the hard-won job as his Apprentice two years ago, Lord Sugar spoke admiringly of Stella English's determination to succeed.

Now he may not see that steely resolve in quite the same light – as she is suing him for constructive dismissal.

Miss English, who won the BBC1 hit show in 2010, has lodged papers with an employment tribunal after complaining she had been forced out of her job at Lord Sugar's business empire.

The 32-year-old mother-of-two first lashed out at the tycoon last October after he failed to renew her £100,000-a-year contract last year, her prize for winning The Apprentice title.

Miss English, who grew up on a crime-ridden South London estate, told in a newspaper interview of how her dream job had ended in tears.

And the woman nicknamed The Ice Maiden because of her ruthlessness on the show  issued an ominous warning: 'Lord Sugar has forgotten one of the first rules of business –never underestimate someone who's got nothing to lose.'

Although there is little information available about where and when the employment case will be heard, one fact is clear.

The relationship between Miss English and Lord Sugar is now 'extremely bitter' according to sources.

One well versed with the situation had advised Miss English not to go ahead with the legal action, warning her 'you're playing with fire'. The source added: 'Lord Sugar had tried to help Stella. When she was unhappy in one job he moved her.

'But it was Stella who left just two months before the contract ended, she was desperate to go.'

For Miss English, it is yet another difficult chapter in a life that has never been easy.

She spent her 'painful' childhood in care homes and with relatives after being given up by her mother Drusilla.

Her father had abandoned the family early on and she described growing up as 'quite a lonely hard time for me'.

Despite her tough start in life, Miss English worked her way up to become a manager on the trading floor of Japanese bank Daiwa, earning £85,000 a year before winning a place on The Apprentice.

It was Lord Sugar himself who summed up her remarkable drive to succeed, declaring:  'At an early age you never had all these qualifications, then went out of the way to train yourself and get yourself the job that you've got – and that shows me a lot of determination.'

After being told 'You're Hired', Miss English was given a job with Lord Sugar's Viglen offices. Viglen provides IT systems to schools, universities and hospitals.

She was to be a project manager, but claimed she had to report to a manager far more junior than her.

When she asked for feedback from Lord Sugar, she claimed he told her: 'I'll tell you the feedback, shall I? Yeah. Nice girl, don't do a lot.'

She was then given a new job at another of Lord Sugar's companies, YouView. When she then complained about that role, claiming it did not require too much work, Lord Sugar 'went off the radar' and she did not speak to him for months.

During her interview with the Mail on Sunday last October, Miss English told how Lord Sugar called her to a meeting on September 28 where he pointed out that her contract would be up in December.

She said he told her: 'I dunno what to do with you after that. Maybe you should think about what you want to do.' Miss English said she wanted to stay where she was.

She claimed he told her that YouView couldn't afford to pay her and added: 'I've met my obligations to you as far as I'm concerned. If you think Lord Sugar was s****ing himself when you left the Viglen job, you're wrong, 'cos I don't give a s***.'

Miss English lives in South-East London with her husband Ray Dewar, the father of her two sons, who she married in March last year. Now a builder and scaffolder, he had been a notorious hard man linked to Clifford Norris, the gangster father of David Norris, one of the convicted killers of Stephen Lawrence.

Last night, Lord Sugar's spokesman Andrew Bloch declined to comment. When contacted, Miss English said she was unable to comment as she was visiting a sick relative abroad.

Back in last October she was more forthcoming about her experience.

Her time working for Lord Sugar had been 'an appalling experience', she said. 'I've wasted two years of my life when I could have been doing something better.'

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