Susan Boyle makes 'debut' - Newspapers and Television- Exclusive photograph- ***January 2010***

This quirky story centred around a photo of singer Susan Boyle taken at Edinburgh train station.

Tori Graham's daughter found the photo in an old album and realised that the picture may be of interest.

We sold the story as an exclusive to the Daily Mail newspaper and are now syndicating the photo on her behalf.

The photo has appeared in a number of national newspapers as well as TV programmes such as ITV's This Morning and Five News.

Mrs Graham is giving her money to charity.

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The day Susan Boyle got in on the act... seven years before she became a superstar


It usually takes a lot of perseverance hanging around red carpets to get your photograph taken with a superstar.

But Tori Graham had no such problems - for Susan Boyle inadvertently walked into shot just as she and her friends were having their picture taken.

At the time, however, SuBo was anything but a household name and Mrs Graham could have been forgiven for feeling a little annoyed at the unlooked-for addition to the family album.

Susan Boyle at Edinburgh Station in 2002 (far right) wanders into Tori Graham's group photo

Superstar arriving in the right of the frame: Susan Boyle at Edinburgh Station in 2002 (far right) wanders into the group photo of Tori Graham (pictured right in zipped-up red jacket) and friends

It was only when Mrs Graham's daughter Julia, 21, was flicking through the album recently that the identity of the imposter on the far right in the seven-year-old picture dawned on her.

Mrs Graham, 58, said: 'It made us all laugh. It's funny Susan Boyle hasn't changed much at all. She was exactly how you'd have expected her to look.

'Her lack of awareness is one of the things that made her a success in the first place. People can relate to her.'

The photo was taken at Edinburgh Waverley station in 2002 as Mrs Graham and friends returned from a charity trek. Mrs Graham is pictured centre in the red top with the zip closed.

Since starring in Britain's Got Talent last year, SuBo has recorded the bestselling UK album of 2009 and sold more than 3million copies in the U.S.

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