Sara-Jae Gumbley contacted us to tell us how she had caught her mum's boyfriend spying on her when she was in the shower by setting up a covert video camera.

The 21-year-old wanted to tell her story because she had just found out her mum was planning to marry the pervert.

We sold the exclusive story on Sara-Jae's behalf to the Sunday Mirror newspaper. Sara-Jae was surprised and delighted with the fee.

The story is now going to be sold to a women's magazine to get Sara-Jae even more money.

Click her to see the spy cam video.

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Video exclusive: I used a hidden camera to film my mum's boyfriend spying on me


Every time Sara-Jae Gumbley went for a shower she got the horrible feeling she was being watched.

The young woman was convinced she could see a shadow on the landing and an eye peering through the keyhole as she turned on the taps.

The more it went on, the more Sara - then 20 - became convinced the only way to confirm her fears was to set up a hidden camera to reveal the face behind the door.

Her extraordinary plan worked and exposed the peeping Tom ...as her mum Karen's boyfriend Alan Mitton.

Today, we tell how the footage led to Mitton being convicted and put on the sex offenders' register.

But in an extraordinary twist we also reveal how Sara's ordeal is just starting...because mum Karen is marrying the voyeur and wants her daughter to be bridesmaid.

Last night, Sara, now 21, told the Sunday Mirror: "I can't believe my mum has chosen a pervert over me."

Her ordeal began five years ago when mum Karen, 44, an operating theatre specialist, met and fell in love with healthcare assistant Mitton, 48 at Eastbourne Hospital.

Until then, Karen had been committed to her daughter and they lived happily in a semi-detached home in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Karen had split with husband Adrian eight years ago when he emigrated to New Zealand to become a millionaire businessman.

It led to Sara's brother Paul also going to work overseas - leaving just her and Karen at home. Sara said: "There was just us two but life was great." Then, in the summer of 2003, Mitton arrived on the scene. Sara said: "I was jealous but then I thought Mum deserved happiness."

Three months after they had started dating, Mitton came round to the house for the first time - and Sara was immediately concerned.

She said: "I found him creepy. I caught him staring at me when mum was out of the room."

Eventually, Mitton moved in and Sara's worst fears were confirmed on her 16th birthday.

She said: "He slid across the sofa to give me a hug and started groping me. I pushed him away but he just had this silly grin on his face."

Shaken Sara told her mum, but Karen refused to believe it and could see no wrong in her new man.

It led to rows and Sara moved out. She said: "I stayed with friends and did not speak to Mum." Sara enrolled at Eastbourne College to fulfil a dream of becoming an engineer.

But her pain made it impossible to concentrate and she quit.

She returned to live with her mum and Mitton because she wanted to save paying rent so she could go to stay with her dad in New Zealand.

After moving in, Sara was puzzled the bathroom lock had been removed.

Then one day as she took a shower, she felt eyes staring at her. Sara said: "I opened the door and saw him there, grinning. I screamed 'Why were you staring at me?' He just laughed and walked off." When Sara told Karen what had occurred, again she refused to believe it.

But Sara was determined to prove Mitton a peeping Tom, so she bought a video camera for 100 from eBay.

Then one evening last July, she fixed the disguised camera to his computer desk - in a room opposite the bathroom - and switched it on before heading into the shower.

The damning footage shows Mitton at the bathroom door, peering through the keyhole.

He peeps in for a total of 20 minutes and the camera records him performing a lewd act.

When Sara emerges, she tiptoes into the room to retrieve the hidden camera and watch the footage. She said: "I was furious but my tears were streaming. I knew Mum loved this guy and it would turn her world upside down."

For several nights, Sara cried herself to sleep and moved out to stay with pals - keeping the secret for three months. She got so depressed that last October she took an overdose of sleeping pills. Karen was called to the hospital and Sara revealed all. She said: "Mum refused to believe it at first, but she watched the video and just shook her head, then said, 'Let's sort this'."

Karen dumped Mitton and the police were called. They launched a two-month probe, with the key evidence being Sara's video. Mitton was banned from going near them and, in December at Eastbourne Magistrates' Court, he admitted two charges of voyeurism,

He was given 140 hours' community service, put on the sex offenders' register for five years and made to pay 400. He also lost his job. But, incredibly, just days later, Sara learned Karen was back with Mitton.

Sara said: "I was at mum's on Christmas Eve when he walked in. Mum looked at me and said, 'Sara, I love him'. I ran away in tears."

She spent Christmas with friends and learned the heartbreaking news on New Year's Eve that her mum was engaged to Mitton - and they wanted Sara to be bridesmaid.

She said: "It was New Year's Eve and I was supposed to be celebrating a fresh start. Instead, I had to face a future with him as my stepdad."

Now, Sara suffers depression and rarely goes out, staying at the home of boyfriend Kieron Ingram, 25, and hoping one day to live in New Zealand with her dad. She said: "This has ruined my life. I feel angry, hurt and betrayed that Mum picked a peeping Tom over me."

Last night Mitton said: "It's history. I have nothing more to say."

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