This extraordinary story tells how Baby P's mother is having a lesbian affair with Cromwell Road murderer Rose West in prison.

The disturbing story was given to us anonymously by someone who was sickened that two such evil women could get together.

We sold the story for our tipster to the News of the World newspper.

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Rose West falls for Baby P's mum

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HOUSE of Horrors killer Rose West is having a lesbian fling with the evil mother of Baby P.

The two monsters have been enjoying afternoon sex sessions in Tracey Connelly's cell since the 28-year-old was unmasked as the mum who allowed her tot to be tortured to death.

Scheming West, 55 - serving life for ten murders - seduced Connelly after taking her under her wing to protect her from attacks by inmates.

KILLED: Peter had 50 injuries
KILLED: Peter had 50 injuries

"They kiss and grope each other every chance they get," said a source at the high security jail where they are held.

"It's turning everyone's stomachs here to think of them indulging their sick fantasies in a comfy cell while their victims lie in cold graves." Connelly was moved to Low Newton Prison, Country Durham after being caged indefinitely for allowing the death of 17-month-old son Peter, who suffered 50 appalling injuries during months of abuse at the hands of lover Steven Barker, 33, and his brother Jason Owen, 37.

In August, a court order preventing her from being named was lifted and cunning West - who has been at the jail for a year - made her move.


First she befriended frightened Connelly by taking her on walks in the prison's exercise yard and protecting her from vengeful lags.

Then she demanded her new pal - who also had a lesbian relationship in a London nick while awaiting trial over Peter's death - pay back her kindness with sex.

"Rose is feared on her prison wing because she is a huge woman and because of what she is capable of," said our source. "She saw straight away that Connelly couldn't look after herself and took full advantage. At first no one knew what Connelly was in the prison for - but once they found out she was in trouble.

"That was when Rose started to 'look after' her. She persuaded her to venture out of her cell and to watch a bit of telly, with the promise that no one would touch her.

"And then she made sure she would be repaid.

"Connelly didn't seem that reluctant. She must weigh about 16 stone because all she does is stuff her face with sweets and chocolate.

"Rose is always in her cell."

Despite their 27-year age gap, the pair are said to have grown close and are revelling in their status as two of the most hated women in Britain.

Connelly has even landed a cushy job. She's being paid 11-a-week for stamping the jail's name and address onto sheets of paper inmates use to write letters home.

"She can do that from the comfort of her cell - it's the easiest job going," said our insider. "Many of the inmates here are crying out for work and she lands something she can do while she's got her feet up with Rose. She's never done a day's work until now."

West - whose ten victims with husband Fred included their daughter, Heather - has had a string of lesbian affairs with inmates.

Soon after being banged up in 1995 she began a relationship with murderer Julie Campbell, doing life for setting fire to her husband.


Then she embarked on another romance with 22-stone Amanda Summers, jailed for torching a chemist's shop.

Next came flings with three other jailbirds including crop-haired knife killer Sarah Best, imprisoned for life for murdering a former male lover.

Our source added: "She's got everything she needs in prison - three meals a day, a comfy room and the pick of the girls to sleep with.

"Rose always has a woman on the go."

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