Sick: Cat In A Blender- The People Newspaper- ***September 2011***

A concerned animal lover conatcted us to raise awareness about a man who was posting sick pictures of cats on the internet.

We contacted the Sunday People newspaper who ran a story and are trying to track down the perpetrator.

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Call to probe Facebook 'Catpuncher' sicko

Cat AN internet sicko who posts vile pictures of cats being tortured and brags how he kills them is being hunted by horrified pet-lovers.

Shock images on Facebook show a puss in a blender and another about to be hit by the brute, who calls himself Catpuncher.

He even posted a photo of himself holding up 10 dead animals – and bragged he had slaughtered them.


The torrent of horror has sparked worldwide fury.

But despite repeatedly being banned by Facebook chiefs, the man – believed to be a Londoner in his 20s – simply adopts a different name to launch new ­accounts on the social networking site. He targets pet-lovers' web pages and taunts them with bloodthirsty boasts and pictures.

He also places web ads, including one in Mansfield, Notts, saying: "Cats wanted for dog-fighting."

Appalled Facebook user Judy Taylor ­said: "He needs jail."

Kimberley Gifford, who has complained to the RSPCA, wrote: "One photo was him holding 10 or so dead cats and another was a bin with dead cats in it. Can anything be done?" And David Roberts, 41, of Grantham, Lincs, said: "It's sick. He needs to be investigated."

In the US, Ohio-based Toby Franks has vowed to track down the torturer's IP address, which would pinpoint his computer.

Toby wrote: "He better pray the cops get to him first."

The RSPCA – who could launch a cruelty prosecution – are studying the case but declined to comment officially "for fear it will encourage him to step up his campaign," a source said

Facebook confirmed they have banned the man several times and added: "Content about animal cruelty is against our terms and will be ­removed once reported to us."

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