Shocking: Rat In Hospital- The People Newspaper- Exclusive Video Story- ***July 2011***

Richard Anderson contacted us after turning up at hospital and discovering a rat running along the corridor.

Quick-thinking Richard videod the rat on his phone and contacted us with the proof.

We sold the video for Richard to The People newspaper who ran itr as an exclusive story.


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Terrified NHS Patient Comes Face To Face Rat

SHOCKED Richard Anderson went into a top NHS hospital to have a wisdom tooth removed and came face to face with a rat.

He immediately alerted staff then watched in horror as they chased it down a corridor till it vanished under a food trolley.

Richard, 27 who filmed the pursuit at Kings College Hospital in London on his mobile phone said: To my amazement, the staff thought it was funny.

But the rat was the first thing I saw when I entered the hospital, before Id even got to reception. It was disgusting, an absolute disgrace.

Richard, from Croydon, Surrey, was due to have his tooth removed at the hospitals dental department last month.


But after seeing the rat he refused to go ahead with the op and will now have to wait three months to get the surgery at another hospital.

He said: How could I have a tooth out at a hospital that appears to have hygiene problems?

They didn't even catch the rat, so its probably still in there.

The hospital did have works going on at the time but that's no excuse cleanliness is next to godliness.

They must look at the problem because there has to be more than one rat.

A hospital spokesman said pest controllers disinfected the area after Richards experience and added: There have been no further reports of rodents since.

In 2009 health inspectors found dirty mattresses at Kings and said staff failed to deal with superbugs like MRSA.

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