Shannon Matthews Abductor Arrested And Back In Prison- The Sun Newspaper- Exclusive Crime Story- ***Last week***

We were tipped off that Shannon Matthews kidnapper Michael Donovan had been arrested again after getting in trouble in a city centre.

Donovan hit the headlines in 2008 after kidnapping Shannon, sparking a nationwide child hunt and raising fears she had been killed.

Our witness saw him being arrested again by police and tipped us off.

We sold the story as an exclusive to The Sun newspaper and paid the tipster a good fee.

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Shannon Matthews kidnapper is back behind bars

THE kidnapper of schoolgirl Shannon Matthews was last night back in prison for breaching parole. Cops said loner Michael Donovan, 44, was arrested for "poor behaviour". Witnesses said he had been acting bizarrely while sitting on a bench in a marketplace. Days before his arrest, Donovan freed after serving half his eight-year sentence had been recognised as the man who helped carry out the fake kidnap of Shannon, nine. A man and a woman reportedly started "kneeing" him, spitting at him and hitting him round the head. One witness said: "They were shouting and screaming at him and calling him a nonce. Held captive ... Shannon Matthews "I heard it went on for 45 minutes. I don't think he was badly injured and no one called police." Donovan had been spending up to six hours a day at the outdoor market in Leeds. He would sit on a bench and rock back and forth, making strange hand movements. Donovan had been living at a parole and bail hostel in Leeds. Police picked him up on Monday after a request from parole officials. He was taken back to jail and is likely to be kept inside for 28 days while he is assessed. Shannon's mum Karen, now 36, and Donovan staged the fake kidnap in Dewsbury, West Yorks, in 2008 in a bid to bag 50,000 reward money. Matthews and Donovan were jailed for eight years for kidnap but were released this year. Read more:

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