Scam: My Little Pony App- The Sun Newspaper- Exclusive News Story- ***March 2013***

Mum Catherine Walker contacted us after being landed with a whacking 900 bill after her daughter was playing a 'free' My Little Pony app on her Ipad.

Catherine was horrified that these free games aimed at children had expensive in-game button encouraging children to spend 69.99 a shot.

We sold the story for Catherine to The Sun newspaper as an exclusive.

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A GIRL of six racked up a 900 bill in 30 minutes on a FREE iPad game, her horrified mum revealed last night.

Grace Walker downloaded the My Little Pony app on her mum's iPad and paid 69.99 a pop to buy VIRTUAL gems.

She innocently clicked on the "buy now" option which appeared more than 12 times in half an hour landing her parents with the monster bill.

Mum Catherine, 34, said she felt sick and cried "uncontrollably" after getting emails from Apple's iTunes informing her of the amount owed.

She complained to iTunes, which Grace used to download the game and was eventually given a refund.

But the accountant, of Northwich, Cheshire, urged parents to supervise kids and has put a lock on her iPad.

She said: "What a con. It's sneaky the way these free games take your cash. I would expect a real nine-carat gold donkey for that amount."

iTunes refused to comment. Apple faces paying 66million damages to US customers whose kids also ran up huge bills using free apps.

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