Andrew Roy contacted us after having a bad experience with his Russian brde.

He was keen to tell his story as a warning to other people surfing the internet for love.

We got Roy a great fee and had his story published in the Sun newspaper.

Read the full article below.

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Andrew Roy used to spend his evenings surfing the net for love.

So the 50-year-old labourer was overjoyed when Irina, a a beauty in Russia 20 years his junior, showed an interest in him.

Her tales of hardship pulled on his heart-strings and they forged a strong emotional bond.

Despite language difficulties there followed a whirlwind romance during which Andrew, from Dewsbury, West Yorks, lavished cash and gifts on his love and the pair married.

But just three years on from the wedding the Siberian beauty has left him penniless and alone.

She dumped him days after getting leave to stay in the UK.

Andrew explains: "It was 2003. I would get in from work and log straight on to speak to Irina. The time difference meant I had to stay up all night while she used the computer at work as she couldn't afford one at home.

"We didn't have much in common but I thought she was beautiful and couldn't believe my luck. After six months I invited her to stay for a holiday.

"I paid for her flights and visitor's visa around 400 and in March 2004 I could finally hold her in my arms.

"Our email encounters had never been flirtatious or smutty so I was surprised that when I showed her to the spare room she protested, saying she wanted us to share a bed.

"I was flattered and overjoyed that she felt so strongly attracted to me."

During the three-week visit Andrew was determined to make Irina feel like a princess.

He showered her with presents and took her for days out in his car.

Andrew says: "Irina had never eaten fish and chips before so I made sure I took her to my favourite chippy. She loved it.

"Irina explained there was little choice when it came to buying clothes in Russia so I took her to Matalan and factory outlets.

"I got such pleasure out of spoiling her.

"I was drawing money out of the bank every other day. I had to dip into my savings but it was worth it to see her happy."

Andrew and Irina didn't care about the age difference and his friends were in awe of the smouldering young squeeze who would accompany him to his local.

Andrew says: "Before Irina left she was asking when she could come back. Having seen the high life in Dewsbury it was even harder for her to put up with her mundane life in Siberia."

The couple planned their next meeting for August the same year.

This time Irina would stay for six months.

Andrew says he felt a connection with Irina.

He continued: "We didn't really have a lot to say to each other and Irina didn't have a great sense of humour but we were happy so happy I asked her to marry me before she went back to Russia in January."

Irina accepted and Andrew broke down in tears of joy.

The happiness and companionship he had craved for so long was his.

The couple planned to wed as soon as possible. Irina was particularly keen to tie the knot.

Andrew says: "Irina had to return to Russia when her visa expired in January. It gave her a chance to leave her job and bring over her belongings.

"I offered to pay for her parents to visit for the wedding but she rubbished the idea. I did think it was odd not to want your nearest and dearest to see the happiest day of your life."

Andrew footed the bill for Irina's flights, visa and the wedding.

The couple didn't have a honeymoon as Irina wasn't allowed to leave Britain and Andrew was working around the clock to pay for everything.

Then as the newlyweds settled in to married life Irina's thirst for spending proved harder and harder to quench.

Andrew says: "She had two wardrobes filled in a month.

"Then she got a job in one of the big hotels in Leeds and that's when everything changed. She became cold towards me.

"She wanted to go out with her work friends rather than me. When I asked her why, she said going out with me was boring. I was devastated."

Desperate to rekindle the romance, Andrew delved deeper into his life savings and splashed out on a car for his sulky spouse.

Andrew says: "Irina was over the moon . . . for a few days. Then the novelty wore off and she was back to her moody self."

"After six months she suggested a holiday. It was a great idea until I realised she wanted to go alone."

Irina was granted indefinite leave to stay in the UK in February 2007 and later that month told Andrew she wanted a divorce.

He says: "I was a broken man. My last chance of happiness slipped through my fingers.

"She calmly told me she just didn't love me any more. I packed her bags and called her a cab. I couldn't bear to look at her any more.

"All of a sudden it was clear she had duped me. All she wanted was a better life in the UK. Of course I feel stupid but we all do crazy things when we fall for someone.

"Now I have to live with the fact that I spent all my life savings, over 10,000, on trying to make a doomed marriage work.

"But I'm not bitter. Money isn't everything. No one can take my memories."

When asked about their sudden marriage breakdown, Irina told The Sun: "I don't want to discuss my private life with the newspapers. If I have anything to say I will say it to my husband."

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