Rude: Sex On Public Beach- The People Newspaper- Exclusive Picture Story- ***June 2011***

We were contacted by Gary Hocking who was appalled by the behaviour of a couple that were having sex on a public beach.

Gary took photos of the couple as proof of their lewd public act.

We sold the story as an exclusive to The People newspaper for Gary.

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Pictured - Shameless couple having sex on UK beach

Couple having sex on public beach

A clifftop walker who got out his camera to snap an unusual rock formation was stunned to see a couple having beach sex.

The lewd pair were at it in daylight – just yards from families with youngsters.

Garry Hocking, 45, was on a break with wife Amanda, 37, when he spotted the naked duo enjoying an open-air romp.

Last night police warned the couple could be prosecuted if caught again. The offence carries an ardour-cooling maximum of two years in jail. Garry, who works in sales, told The People: "It's absolutely disgusting. They were going at it bold as brass even though there were families with children wandering about on the other side of the rocks.

UK beach

The beach

"It was totally brazen. They didn't care who saw. It was very obvious from the man's movements what he was up to. They were really going for it.

"I zoomed in and I couldn't believe what I was seeing."

Garry was on a cliff 100ft above the beach taking pictures of rocks that had caught his eye when he saw the couple on the shore at 3.30pm on Wednesday.

He said the redhead started cavorting with the burly, balding man as waves lapped up the shale beach and ­families played nearby. Garry, from Lincoln, ­recalled: "I was snapping away when I saw the couple. They had put their clothes down on the ground like towels and had sex on top of them."

The beach, at Folkestone, Kent, has been the scene for a string of sex offences including a serious assault and an incident involving a ­paedophile and a girl of 14.

Police said yesterday: "Anyone caught having sex on a public beach could face a charge of gross indecency which carries a maximum sentence of two years.

"Having sex in public is totally unacceptable."

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