Royal Palace Terror Scare- Sunday People newspaper- Exclusive news story- ***July 2010***

We were contacted by someone saying he had found the architect's drawings for Kensington Palace on a tube train.

This raised obvious security issues for the Royals

The story was sold on behalf of the source to the Sunday People newspaper.

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Sunday People Newspaper.

Detailed floor-plans of Kensington Palace have been left on a train sparking a massive royal terror alert.

The 15-page dossier showed room layouts at the historic London mansion, where Princess Annes daughter Zara Phillips has an apartment.

It could have been invaluable to
al-Qaeda bombers hellbent on a new outrage in the capital.

And the security lapse comes as work begins on a s12million facelift to the Palace that was once home to Princess Diana.

The architectural plans were found on a Tube train by an electrician who was travelling on the District Line in west London.

The man who asked not to be named said: Its shocking.

This information would be priceless to terrorists.

The dossier drawn up by top London architects John Simpson and Partners include the layouts of many of the rooms at the palace, where the Duke of Kent, the Duke of Gloucester and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent also have homes.

The plans spell out which parts of the building will be open to the public once the two-year facelift is completed.

And they show the areas that will remain no-go zones, such as the royal apartments and the administration offices.

The electrician said: A man had the rolled-up plans on the train but it was only after hed gone I noticed hed left them behind. I was going to hand them in at the next station but looked to see if there was a number showing who they belonged to.

Then I saw they were plans for the palace and realised how sensitive they were.

Anyone could have picked them up.

He added: Thieves could target the rooms of interest.

But more worryingly its a gift for terrorists who would know exactly where the private quarters would be to target any members of the Royal Family when they were in the building.

They are certainly not the sort of thing you should leave lying around on a Tube this is a major cock-up by any standards.

Kensington Palace last night played down the blunder.

A spokesman confirmed the plans had been mislaid by a contractor.

But the official added: The drawings did not contain any sensitive or confidential information.

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