Rihanna Rebuffed By Boy- Daily Mail Newspaper- Exclusive Showbiz Story- ***November 2013***

The mother of four year old Theo Brewster contacted us after he was pictured on the beach with popstar Rihanna while on holiday.

Rihanna had taken a shine to Theo and given him a hug on the beach before inviting him on a boat ride.

Photos of the pair appeared across the world where Theo had wrongly been described as a relative of Rihanna.

Theo's mum asked us to sell the true story for her exclusively and we sold the showbiz story to the Daily Mail newspaper.

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Hands off me! The four-year-old beach boy  who turned down opportunity to take a boat ride with Rihanna

  • Theo Brewster, 4, from Coventry met the singer on holiday in Barbados
  • Youngster was invited to take a boat trip with the star, but said no
  • Rihanna told little Theo 'Oh, you're so cute'


As a chart-topping singer and one of the most famous pop stars in the world, Rihanna is used to getting her own way.

But four-year-old Theo Brewster soon put a stop to that.

The youngster from Coventry was invited to take a boat ride with the star – an opportunity millions of fans would jump at. But he turned her down, preferring to stay by his mother’s side instead.

Four year old Theo Bell from Coventry, West Midlands

Theo was on a family holiday in Rihanna’s native Barbados when she took a sudden shine to him. Emerging from her luxury beachside apartment, she spotted him playing in the sand and told him: ‘Oh, you’re so cute.’ 

The 25-year-old asked his mother Leona Brewster, 36, if Theo would like to join her on a ride around the bay, on an inflatable attached to a boat. 

‘But Theo said, “No, I don’t want to go”,’ said Miss Brewster yesterday. The chance encounter at Paynes Bay on the west coast of the Caribbean island happened on the last day of the family’s trip. They had no idea Rihanna was there and were amazed to see the bikini-clad singer on the same beach as them.

 Miss Brewster, a dental nurse, said: ‘Theo was the only little one on the beach at the time and she kept saying to me how cute he was.

‘She was really keen to take him with her but Theo just didn’t want to go.

‘I didn’t have any worries about him going with her because she promised faithfully to look after him … He just didn’t want to go and stayed with me. But I told her he really likes her and she smiled and said thank you.’

 Miss Brewster added: ‘She was really nice when she came back and spent some time with Theo. She picked  him up so we could take photos … It was really sweet and she was just  so gorgeous. 

‘I thought a big star like her would probably try to avoid the public, but she was very friendly to us.’ 

Rihanna was enjoying a few days’ rest following the postponement of a concert scheduled to take place in Barbados on November 1.

She bumped into Theo and his mother, holidaying with her partner Brian Delaunay, 41, and her other son Leo, nine, on November 6. They were staying with Miss Brewster’s grandmother Violet Marshall, 82, who lives on the island.

Rihanna – born Robyn Fenty – recently became only the third act in UK chart history to have seven number ones in seven consecutive years. Elvis Presley and The Beatles are the only other stars to have achieved the same feat.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2508200/Rihanna-rebuffed-little-beach-boy-turned-boat-ride.html#ixzz2l5h8TY7Y 
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