This story revealed how Richard and Judy's daughter Chloe had been smoking cannabis from a bong.

We were contacted by someone who wanted to sell the story while remaining anonymous.

The story was initially sold for a very good fee to the News of the World newspaper as an exclsuive. We have sold it again to more national newpapers and magazines who were keen to follow up the story.

The newspapers were particularly interested in the story because of a previous interview given by the TV couple  in which they had insisted that their daughter was anti-drugs.

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RICHARD Madeley and Judy Finnigan's telly presenter daughter Chloe smokes CANNABIS from a bong as she sits between a man's legs at a boozy party.


The shocking snap was taken just weeks before TV's golden couple publicly boasted how "incredibly ANTI-drugs" their kids were.

And it is the SECOND time this month we have exposed a drug- taking celebrity.

Our exclusive photo last Sunday of US Olympic swimming ace Michael Phelps sucking from a bong made headlines around the world.


Yesterday, after we showed the picture above of Chloe, 21, to her horrified parents, the family had a showdown meeting at their mansion in leafy Hampstead, North London.

And last night the couple gave a statement to News of the World, saying: "We've obviously spoken to Chloe and whilst we—like most parents—are aware that kids her age sometimes experiment, it is always a bad idea.

"However, she is an extremely sensible person, and now she knows that too."

Chloe—who is a showbiz reporter on Richard and Judy's chat-show New Position—issued an apology, saying: "I am really sorry.

"I was really stupid. I regret doing what I did and have learnt my lesson.

"I am really sorry for any embarrassment I have caused my family." Ambitious Chloe has been fame-hungry since quitting Leeds University after one term, saying she was "so over the whole education thing".

She started as a runner on The Alan Titchmarsh Show then was hired by her parents as a showbiz reporter on digital channel Watch.

Chloe is also making a name for herself as a model—promoting Miss Ultimo lingerie and posing for lads' magazine FHM in stockings and with her satin dress hitched-up.

She's a regular on London's party scene but was recently spotted throwing up in the ladies' loos during fashion designer Giles Deacon's DJ set in an East London bar.

Previously Chloe told Hello! magazine she would "never want to do anything to embarrass" her parents. And in a newspaper interview in October proud dad Richard, 52, said of Chloe and her brother Jack, 22: "Both our kids are incredibly anti-drugs.

"They have friends that do them but they actively discourage it."

Judy, 60, added: "If one of our kids' friends says to them, 'Let's do drugs,' they'll actually shout at them."


"One of their friends developed mental problems from smoking cannabis every day."

But now the couple have been made to look like dopes because of Chloe's bong antics two months previously—at a party in Norfolk in August. In a series of three snaps posted on a social networking website, the pretty blonde is seen in a garden, sitting cross-legged and clutching a glass bong. Cans of extra-strong lager are strewn around.

Chloe draws from the bong then beams with delight as three male pals look on.

The pics are on Facebook in a friend's photo album called "Nor- folk!!!"—and Chloe has been 'tagged', or captioned, on two of them.

In October Richard and Judy admitted they had dabbled with cannabis. Richard said: "I didn't like it and I've never tried any other drugs."

Judy added: "I smoked it a couple of times but it didn't do anything for me. I've never tried any other drugs."

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