This story tells the story of how John Prescott's mobile phone went off when he gave a bride away at a wedding.

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John Prescott in hilarious wedding day video

Sunday Mirror newspaper

Restaurant boss Jimmy Chu was delighted when his  best customer John Prescott agreed to give away his bride on their wedding day.

But as the nervous couple repeated their vows, the special moment was loudly interrupted... by the shrill ringtone of the former deputy prime minister's mobile.

And it carried on ringing for several seconds as red-faced and fumbling he reached into his inside suit jacket pocket to turn it off.

Finally gaffe-prone Prezza managed to regain his composure as the couple swapped rings.

Groom Jimmy, 27, said:  "I was really nervous and had been shaking like a leaf, so the noise of the phone did make me jolt a bit.

"I glanced across at John and he looked a bit embarrassed."

You can watch the hilarious video footage of what happened.

Mr Prescott says Mr Chu China Palace, in his Hull constituency, is his favourite restaurant. And Jimmy thought the Labour veteran would be the perfect replacement when his marriage to Christine Wei Qin Zhong, 27, hit a last-minute snag.

Christine's brother  Shan was due to give his sister away but was unable to make it from China.

Jimmy said: "I  asked John to rescue us. He has been a friend for many, many years and my family love him to bits.

Prescott, who told last year of his 20-year battle with bulimia, has been eating at Mr Chu for more than 10 years.

"It is my favourite restaurant in the world," he has said. "I could eat my way through the entire menu."

Prescott's career has been littered with gaffes and controversy.

In a radio interview in 1998 he said: "The green belt is a Labour achievement… we intend to build on it."

Then during the 2001 General Election he famously punched Craig Evans after the farmer threw an egg at him.

And two years ago Prescott admitted having an affair with secretary Tracey Temple between 2002 and 2004. Prescott was further embarrassed when details of the affair were revealed  in Temple's memoirs - but wife Pauline stood by him.

He earned his trademark name "Two Jags" because  he owns one Jaguar  and had the use of another as his official ministerial car.

Prescott - who battled back from pneumonia two years ago - is expected to step down as an MP at the next election to become a Lord.

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