Politics: PM's Webcam Vanity- Daily Mail newspaper- Exclusive News Story- ****November 2010****

This story revealed how the Prime Minister David Cameron had hired someone to run his webcam on public money.

The source- who retained their anonymity- called us after reading how the PM had also hired a 'vanity' photographer with tax payers money.

The story appeared as an exclsuive in the Daily Mail newspaper.

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Fresh outrage as Cameron puts his WebCam filmmaker on public payroll

Daily Mail newspaper

David Cameron was at the centre of more controversy tonight over the appointment of another of his 'vanity' staff to a Whitehall post.

A filmmaker who produced his 'WebCameron' videos before the election has been given a public post.

The revelation came a day after it emerged that Mr Cameron had found a job for the man who was his personal photographer in opposition.

Labour leader Ed Miliband today attacked the Prime Minister for finding the money to fund publicity staff at a time when half a million public sector jobs are facing the axe.

Filmmaker Nicky Woodhouse will join photographer Andrew Parsons as a civil servant in the Cabinet Office, where she will be working across all departments.

One of her WebCameron video blogs showed him washing up while dealing with his noisy children off-screen. It was widely criticised as cheesy.

There are now three ex-party staff working in the Cabinet Office. The Tories' former head of digital media, Rishi Saha, is deputy director of communications at the department.

Across government, at least a dozen former Tory staffers have been appointed to civil service roles.

At Prime Ministers' Questions, Mr Miliband asked Mr Cameron whether it was a wise appointment at a time when he was 'telling everybody to tighten their belts'. Mr Cameron replied: 'The last government last year spent half a billion pounds on communications.

'We are cutting that by two-thirds, that's what's actually happening.'

The appointment of official photographers and web filmmakers is controversial because in the past, prime ministers have relied on the Press Association news agency to do this. Gordon Brown, for example, would invite a PA photographer to take behind-the-scenes shots.

Michael Dugher, Mr Brown's former communications chief and now Labour MP for Barnsley East, yesterday wrote to Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell to ask him to consider whether the appointments were just.

Last night a Downing Street source said the two appointments were cross-governmental, meaning they may save money in the long run as they could replace many departments' individual photographers.

Their appointments also mean departments will no longer have to employ expensive outside film companies or freelance photographers.

The source refused to disclose the salaries, although they are both less than 60,000.

Conservative Central Office had offered to pay their wages, but the Cabinet Office would not allow it.

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