Estate agent Simon White contacted us to sell his story of how yobs had overturned his girlfriend's car.

When we heard how police had asked him to call the AA we sold the story for Simon to the Daily Mail newspaper as an exclusive.

Simon is delighted with the article and the money he is being paid for selling his story.

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Yobs have overturned your car? Call the AA say police


When a gang of youths rolled his girlfriend's parked car on its side, Simon White thought there was a good chance that the police would catch the culprits.

But instead of the swift response he had hoped for, they told him to call the AA.

'I couldn't believe they were telling me to call a breakdown service,' said estate agent Mr White.

Write-off: Simon White's vandalised car overturned by yobs - he was stunned when he called the police and was told to speak to the AA instead

Write-off: Simon White's vandalised car overturned by yobs - he was stunned when he called the police and was told to speak to the AA instead

'I explained to them that a neighbour had seen a gang of about 30 youths hanging about when he was walking his dog and had come back half an hour later to see my girlfriend's car on its side.

'At no point did the police ask me anything to do with solving the crime. There was no mention of witnesses, possible fingerprints, or any desire to catch who'd done it.

'All they said was call the AA or Green Flag. When I told them there was petrol leaking from the car they said they'd call the fire brigade and then ended the conversation.'

Mr White, 37, added: 'I sat there fuming for a few minutes and then rang them back and demanded someone come to investigate but even then they said all they could do was put out a call to see if there was a police car in the area.'

The vandals struck at about 7.30pm one evening last week.

Mr White and his girlfriend Colleen Donnelly, 28, who have two children Chantelle, 11, and Joshua, nine, were in their home in Bloxwich, West Midlands, watching television at the time and were told by the neighbour who knocked on the door that the Fiat Punto  -  parked about 300 yards away  -  had been overturned.

Damaged: Mr White with his car back on all four wheels but badly damaged by the yobs

Mr White initially dialled 999 but was told it wasn't a serious enough crime and that he should call his local police.

It was when he called Bloxwich police station that he was told to phone the AA, he says.

Miss Donnelly does not belong to the AA or have breakdown cover.

Mr White said: 'The police are always telling people to report antisocial behaviour and vandalism but when we did it seemed they didn't care. It was only because I insisted someone came out that the crime is being investigated.

'To be fair, the two officers that did come were very helpful, but by then the youths had gone.'

The car is a write-off and Miss Donnelly, a charity worker, now has no means of transport when Mr White is out at work.

No one from West Midlands Police was available to comment.

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