PM's Nanny On Sex Web- The Sun Newspaper- Exclusive Front Page Story- ***June 2014***

Our front page exclusive revealed how Prime Minister David Cameron's nanny had appeared on a website site offering sex shows.

We sold the story to The Sun newspaper after being tipped off by someone who suggested it showed a lack of security in the recruitment process.

The Sun story set up an investigation and was able to easily access the website.

Scroll down to read the story.

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Police have been called in after pictures of David Cameron's nanny posing naked were posted online, it was reported today.

Snaps showing the trusted aide appear on three internet sex sites, one of which allows users to buy access to videos, pictures and live sex shows on Skype.

It is believed to have raised concerns at Downing Street about security surrounding the Prime Minister, his 43-year-old wife Samantha and their three children.

The helper has travelled on foreign holidays with Mr Cameron and is close to Nancy, ten, Arthur, eight, and three-year-old Florence.

She is described as being part of David Cameron's 'inner sanctum'.

A Downing Street source told MailOnline: 'The Camerons think she has been a lovely carer for their children.'

It is unclear how the images came to be posted of the woman.

But the nanny says an ex-boyfriend may have put the pictures on the adult-only site, The Sun on Sunday reported today.

She said she had not posed for nude snaps 'for years'.

The nanny called police on Friday to ask them to investigate a man she believes may be connected to the profiles.

A source close to the aide told the paper: 'She's horrified these profiles have come to light and is mystified at how they got there.

'She insists it was nothing to do with her and must be down to one of her ex-boyfriends.'

The site features women from the UK, the U.S. and Europe and allows members to buy access to videos, photos and Skype conversations.

The woman's real name is not used on any of the sites.

The aide is described as a keep-fit fanatic, who hosts fitness classes and teaches women how to pole-dance as part of their exercise plan.

She is also believed to have cared for tragic son Ivan who died in 2009 and is regularly contacted by Mrs Cameron on her birthdays and at Christmas.

A spokesman for the unnamed police force told the paper they had received a complaint from her.

The PM's spokesman declined to comment.

The woman is not believed to be Gita Lima, the family’s long-serving Nepalese nanny, who is on maternity leave or a Scottish nanny hired to fill in for her.


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