Pictured: Andy Murray's Win- Daily Mail Newspaper- Exclusive Sports Photo- ***July 2013***

This photo of Andy Murray celebrating his Wimbledon tennis title win was a classic example of being in the right place at the right time.

While dozens of professional photographers were stuck with a view from behind Murray, spectator Chris Baldwin was able to get the photographic shot of the day.

We sold the photo as an exclusive to the Daily Mail sport section and are now syndicating it on Chris' behalf around the world.

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Right time, right place! The true story behind Murray's iconic Wimbledon picture...by the IT specialist who snapped history

It is a unique image that was missed by the rest of the world’s photographers - and it was taken by an IT specialist!

When Andy Murray achieved his holy grail on Sunday, his initial reaction was to roar towards the press box.

Unfortunately for the bank of photographers on Centre Court, the new Wimbledon champion had his back to them!

PREVIEW murray pic from crowd.jpg

Snap happy: Chris Baldwin, circled, took the Murray picture that has been beamed around the world

Luckily for Chris Baldwin, from Surbiton, he was pointing his camera straight at Murray. But it was a stunning photo which almost didn’t happen. 

Baldwin explains: ‘My wife and I were lucky and got some resale tickets, but we ended up sitting about 20 seats apart.

I was at the front near one end in the shade, and Andy kept coming over to us to cool down so we offered words of encouragement.


In that last game I kept taking photos thinking it would be the winning shot, but it went on forever!

But after he won he came over to us and roared. I had one hand in the air celebrating and one hand on my camera so took some snaps.

I’m quite a keen photographer - I used a Nikon D5 that I bought this year - and had the long lens on thinking I’d be miles away.

But I was lucky enough to be in the front row and I even got a high-five after he won.

It was such a special day, but I almost didn’t pack the camera. Good job I did!’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/tennis/article-2358530/The-IT-specialist-snapped-Andy-Murrays-iconic-Wimbledon-picture.html#ixzz2YXcUlGvS 
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