Peppa Pig 'F-Word' Controversy- Joint Newspaper Deal- Exclusive Real-Life Story- ***March 2014***

Natalie Cox contacted us after her two year old daughter starting saying the 'f-word' after watching a particular episode of children's cartoon Peppa Pig.

During one episode one of the character's appears to be saying 'f***ing gazelles' although the cartoon makers insist it was actually 'rocking gazelles'.

But Natalie said her daughter was now inadvertently swearing.

We set up Natalie with an exclusive joint deal to get her more money for her story which appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper and Sun newspaper at the same time.

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Peppa Pig taught my little girl the F-word: Horrified mother says name of a band in one episode sounds like the swear word

  • Kiannah Cox from Cardiff regularly started using the F-word at the age of 2
  • Her mother Natalie claims that she picked it up from her Peppa Pig DVD
  • Creator claims that the girl learned it from misunderstanding a line 

Like most little girls her age, Kiannah Cox loves everything to do with Peppa Pig.

So her mother, Natalie, 30, thought there was no harm in indulging her daughter by letting her watch the cartoon each day.

But when Kiannah, two, began regularly using the F-word she was horrified to learn the tot had picked it up from her favourite Peppa DVD.

Miss Cox had bought her daughter the cartoon for Christmas, but it wasn't until Kiannah's older brother sat down to watch the DVD with her last month that she realised the youngster had copied the bad language from the television.

In the episode, named End of Term Party, Grandpa Rabbit is telling Daddy Pig about Peppa's school teacher Madame Gazelle, who used to play in a pop group. 

He says the name of the rock band, which is supposed to be the 'Rocking Gazelles,' but Miss Cox claims it sounds like he is saying the 'F-ing Gazelles.'

Last night Miss Cox demanded the DVD be pulled from sale until the mistake could be rectified.

'My childminder came home from shopping with Kiannah one day and told me that had been saying 'F-ing' when she saw Peppa toys in a shop,' Miss Cox said.

'I'm a responsible parent and never swear in front of my kids, so I couldn't understand where it had come from.

'Then, a few days later my boy, Isaac, was watching Peppa with Kiannah and came running down the stairs to tell me he had heard it on her DVD.



'I was shocked. We watched it again and I was mortified.

'We realised she was just copying what she had seen on the television.' 

'It has caused me a lot of embarrassment. Kiannah can only say a handful of words, so it was all the more shocking that one of her first was the F-word.

'You don't expect language like that in a Peppa Pig DVD, it's disgusting.

'Nice things are supposed to come out of children's mouths, not that.

'I've tried not to make a big deal of it and now she knows that it is naughty. But I feel like she is being punished for something that's not her fault.

I feel bad because I gave her the DVD to watch but I've had to tell her off because of it.'

Miss Cox said that Kiannah, and her twin sister, Ebony, who suffers from cerebral palsy, were both born severely premature, at just 26 weeks, so when she decided to move them into their own bedroom just before Christmas it was a 'big deal.' 

'We decided to decorate their room with everything Peppa Pig because it was a big deal them being in a bedroom,' she added.

'Now I just want it all gone, I don't want Peppa, she's got to go.' No-one from Entertainment One was available last night for comment.

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