Palace Knifeman's Family Tell Tragic True Story- Sunday Mirror Newspaper- Exclusive News Story- ***February 2013***

We were contacted by the family of the man who was tasered after protesting outside Buckingham Palace.

The story of Talhat Rehman made headline news after he held knives to his throat in a frightening protest.

His family approached us to tell the background story of why Mr Rehman had been driven to take such drastic action.

We placed the story in the Sunday Mirror newspaper and have set up TV interviews for them to tell his side of the story.

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The man who held a knife against his throat outside Buckingham Palace was so desperate for help he turned to the Queen.

His family have told how staunch royalist Talhat ­Rehman felt she was the only person who could offer support as he battled with financial ­problems.

"He wanted to go to the very top to ask for help," said his father Abdul, 81. "My son loves the Royal ­Family and is very proud to be a subject of the Queen. We had no idea he was going to do this."

Talhat, 54, who runs a butcher's shop in Kingsbury, North West London, held a large knife to his throat and ­another to his stomach as tourists watched the Changing the Guard ­ceremony.

His family told yesterday how his actions were a cry for help ­because he faced losing his home and ­business.

They said the father of five, who was tasered by police during the incident last Sunday, saw his life turned upside down when he lost £200,000 in failed business ­dealings, as well as ­falling victim to two robberies.

He is now being held on remand while experts carry out tests on his mental state. His family revealed how he is on hunger strike and refusing to take ­insulin for his diabetes.

Talhat's daughter Syma Habib, 34, said: "My grandmother is the only one who has been to see him and she could not believe how he looked.

Abdul Rehman, father of Talhat Rehman
Fears: Abdul Rehman
Philip Coburn

"He is so pale and has lost a lot of weight and looks like he has given up. It is devastating to hear of him like this and we are all so worried about him."

Talhat's problems began five years ago when he got involved in a property deal that went wrong. His troubles were compounded when a manager he put in charge of his shop ran off with £50,000.

He was also robbed twice at the shop, each time losing thousands of pounds.

Talhat's family say they struggled to get help, despite pleas to the police, and ended up further in debt after spending money on lawyers.

On the day Talhat was tasered, his son Kassum, 30, said: "He had been talking about going to see the Queen, but I thought he was just mumbling."

Syma said: "My father has had a ­couple of heart attacks and we were so worried this tasering could have killed him."

Talhat has been charged with affray and two counts of possessing "a bladed weapon" in public.

He appeared at Westminster ­Magistrates' Court on Tuesday and was ­remanded to appear again at court this Tuesday pending a medical psychiatric report.

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