My Lucozade Addiction Cost Me My Girlfriend- The Sun Newspaper- Exclusive News Story- ***April 2014***

Josh Shury contacted us after his Lucozade drink addiction left him with a £3,000 debt.

We sold the story to The Sun newspaper who published the unusual story on page three.

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A 19-year old has got £3,000 into debt after becoming addicted to Lucozade.

Painter and decorator Josh Shury drinks up to five litres of the sugary energy drink a day.

He borrowed money from payday loan companies to pay for his £10-a-day addiction and the high interest has seen his debt increase to £3,000.

And Josh, of Camborne, Cornwall, says his addiction is costing him his health.

He is booked into hospital to have an operation under general anaesthetic to have four of his rotted back teeth removed.

He also says he believes his liver is damaged and doctors have told him he could become diabetic if he doesn’t quit his habit.

In desperation he went to see his GP to find out whether he could conquer his addiction. He says the doctor told him to stop drinking Lucozade and drink water instead. Josh drank water for two days but then couldn’t stop himself going back to his favourite drink.

Josh said: ‘It just seems to give me so much energy. If I don’t drink it I feel tired and listless. I admit I’m addicted to it but I can’t stop myself.

‘I’ve lost my girlfriend over it as well. She used to live with me but because I was spending all my money on paying off the debit I had nothing left to put into the house and we split up over it.’

Josh said he has worked out that he is consuming half a kilo of sugar a day from the Lucozade.

He used to drink Lucozade when he was a child but says his addiction really took hold when he was 17. He is 20 years old next month so says his addiction has lasted three years.’

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