Mike Parry contacted us after being locked up in Dubai for flicking his middle finger at a motorist who nearly ran him over.

We sold the story on Mike's behalf to the News of the World newspaper.

Mike had approached the media himself buit couldn't get a good deal so came to us to get him more money.

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"I got month's jail for flicking my middle finger ... one man was locked up for breaking wind"

ANGRY holiday Brit Mike Parry flicked the finger at a speeding driver who nearly knocked him down in Dubai—and got locked up in a stinking jail for a MONTH.

Company boss Mike, 25, told last night how he reacted in shock when the car narrowly missed him as he crossed the road.

But then it screeched to a halt and a group of Arab youths leapt out. They told him his gesture was against the law and demanded he hand over around £1,800—or they'd call the police.

Mike said: "It was aggressive driving, I was forced to jump out of the way. I apologised for giving them the finger but refused to pay them. It was clear they were only trying to extort money.

"In the end I said, 'Fine, call the police' as I felt sure they'd side with me. But when the officers turned up they first asked if I'd had any alcohol.

"It was midnight. As I'd had a couple of glasses of wine with lunch and a couple of beers later I said yes. But I certainly wasn't drunk.


"Then they wanted to know if I'd made the gesture. I admitted it and explained why but they arrested me. I was handcuffed and taken for a blood test — it was really scary."

Then, only 36 hours into his four-day sunshine break, events firm boss Mike was charged under the Muslim state's strict decency laws and slung in the slammer.

He said: "I'd gone to Dubai for the first time with three mates to celebrate one's birthday — but it turned into a nightmare. I knew the rules were strict but I didn't realise people took mortal offence at being shown the finger — and in their eyes I was also a criminal for even touching alcohol."

Mike, from London, spent three days with 255 other inmates in a detention centre built for just 40. Then he was given a trial date for six weeks later, released without his passport and told not to leave the country.

"I was frantic," he said. "I'd just taken a big contract in Leicester and leased a flat there. I realised I'd lost the lot — I couldn't work or pay rent. And the stories I heard inside were incredible.

"One bloke was arrested for doing press-ups on the beach — cops accused him of making love to the GROUND and charged him with indecency.

"An airport porter who broke wind as he picked up a local lady's bags got two months for AIR POLLUTION.

"And a Sri Lankan who lived in Dubai went home for a holiday and got a new HAIRCUT. On his return officials arrested him because they said it didn't look like his passport."

Mike wasn't allowed to speak in court. He added: "I was jailed for a month and fined £300. Once I got out I was deported and ended up back in London without a roof over my head."

And he warned the one million Brits who flock to Dubai every year: "It was like something out of Midnight Express — if you're a tourist over there you're a target."

The Foreign Office say 40 Brits are currently in Dubai cells. They told us: "Swearing or rude gestures are considered obscene and can even bring a six-month sentence."

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