My Face Peel Disaster Story- ITV's This Morning- Story Sold For Third Time- ***June 2011***

This is the third time we have sold Holly Nuttall's story for her about the horrific injuries she received from having a face peel.

Her latest appearance was on ITV's This Morning where she was interviewed by Phillip Schofield.

Previously we had sold Holly's Story for her to the News of the World newspaper and Take A Break magazine.

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News of the World newspaper

THESE shocking pictures show how pretty Holly Nuttall's dream of a silky- smooth complexion turned to a nightmare when a skin peel left her face grotesquely swollen and scarred.

Terrified Holly, 30, suffered a horrific reaction to the chemical peel.

She ended up in hospital, in excruciating pain and fighting to breathe as, bit by bit, her airways contracted. Her face was so swollen that puss oozed from her hairline. "I was sitting in hospital wondering if my face would ever stop swelling," said Holly, a charity worker from Plymouth.

"It just kept getting bigger and bigger and my windpipe got narrower because of all the swelling. I began to have difficulty breathing. It was terrifying and all because I wanted my skin to look a little better."

Holly was treated with morphine, anti- histamines and steroids and four days after the 15-minute treatment the swelling had subsided. But three months on, her face is still covered in a horrific rash and her skin is so sensitive she's been warned to stay out of bright sunshine for a year.

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