Student Sara Thompson contacted us to sell the story about how sitting her exams had caused deep vein thrombosis which nearly killed her.

Sara wanted to raise awareness of the issue.

We sold the story as an exclsuive to the Daily Mail newspaper and Sara was delighted with her fee.

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'I sat so long revising for exams I suffered a DVT that almost killed me': Pupil reveals her horrifying ordeal

Sara Thompson developed DVT while revising for her A-levels and after hours of sitting in exam halls

Still recovering: Sara Thompson developed DVT while revising for her A-levels and after hours of sitting in exam halls

Like most pupils, in the weeks and months before her A-levels Sara Thompson revised hard.

But the hours of work at home and the time spent sitting in the exam hall almost killed her.

The 18-year-old developed Deep Vein Thrombosis - a blood clot in a vein - and could barely walk.

By the time she took her English literature exam her right leg was swollen and was three inches bigger than her left.

Doctors told her that had she battled on a day longer she could have lost her leg or even died.

Sara said: 'I just thought I had pulled a muscle. But over the period of a week it got worse.

'After sitting my English exam I was in so much pain. I phoned the doctor who told me to go straight to hospital. It was there that they told me I had DVT.'

In the weeks before, Sara had spent most of her time revising at home in Rotherham for Adoctorlevels in English literature, religious studies, leisure studies and general studies.

But in the week before her English exam on June 10 she noticed a pain in her leg. Over the next few days it got progressively worse.

On the day of her exam she was in so much pain that she had to take a taxi the mile from home to Wickersley School and Sports College.

For the next three hours she fought the pain. 'It was awful,' she said. 'I managed to limp home but the pain was excruciating.

'My mum had a look at my leg. It was swollen so much that it was now three inches bigger than my left leg. We rang the and he told me to go straight to accident and emergency.' Doctors at Rotherham General confirmed it was DVT.

'They told me I was really lucky,' she said. 'If I had left it much longer I would have lost my leg or I could have died. It never crossed my mind that it was DVT.'

Sara spent five days in hospital. She was given drugs to thin her blood and banned from walking to reduce the pressure on her leg.

She was unable to take her three remaining religious studies exams. It is still unclear whether she will have to sit the exams or be given a grade based on her results during the past two years.

Sara still has the blood clot, so she is continuing to take tablets and has blood tests every week.

Doctors believe her DVT could have been caused by long periods of sitting down, combined with taking the contraceptive pill.

DVT expert John Scurr, consultant surgeon at the Lister Hospital in London, said: 'My advice to other pupils is to make sure that they get up and walk around every hour or two.'

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