We were contacted by the mother of Aisha Smyth who was called a 'slut' and told that her cellulite was showing by a teacher at school.

Aisha's mum wanted to expose what had happened to the media as she was furious with the unfair treatment her daughter had received.

We contacted the Daily Mail newspaper who agreed to run the story as an exclusive.

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Pupil reduced to tears after teacher tells her: That short skirt makes you look like a slut and does nothing for your cellulite.


Aisher Smyth might have expected a firm ticking-off for adjusting her school skirt to make it shorter.

But the 13-year-old was reduced to tears when her careers adviser said she was making herself 'look like a slut'.

Aisher says she was stacking chairs in the school dining hall when Virginia Green told her to lengthen her skirt.

Mrs Green is then said to have made the 'slut' comment before adding that the short skirt was 'not doing much for your cellulite'.

The remark was overheard by staff and pupils at Bohunt School in Liphook, Hampshire.

Last night, Aisher's mother Amanda, 36, said: 'I couldn't believe that a teacher would use such foul and disgusting language to a pupil.

'It's the kind of thing that you might expect another pupil to say but teachers should know better. It's tantamount to bullying.

'Aisher has a birthmark on her thigh which I think Mrs Green must have mistaken for cellulite.

'For one of her teachers to make a comment like that about it was really hurtful and she was very upset.'

The mother-of-three added: 'Teachers should be giving children confidence for their future lives, not speaking to them in such a despicable way.'

Mrs Green, a member of support staff at the school which specialises in languages, has written to Mrs Smyth apologising for the distress and upset she caused.

The 38-year-old teacher said she had been frustrated that Aisher failed to respond to her first request to roll down the skirt's waistband.

She admitted her words were 'groundless and offensive'.

Denis Foster, a senior teacher at Bohunt, said Mrs Green had not been suspended but would face internal disciplinary procedures.

In a letter of apology to Mrs Smyth, he wrote: 'I find it regrettable that such indiscreet comments were made in earshot of any pupil and can understand why Aisher felt they were aimed at her.

'I don't believe they were, but sympathise with Aisher.'

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