Delina Tree's extraordinary story of how she spent nine years and 64,000 on IVF to get her baby appeared in The Sun newspaper.

This is the third deal we have set up for the couple who wanted to tell the world about their good news.

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After 9 years, 15 IVF attempts and 64,000 we can't take our eyes off Olivia


IMAGINE what you could do with 64,000. Pay off the mortgage, buy a flash car or finance your holidays for years to come.

But for desperate wannabe parents Delina and Simon Tree, that was the amount they spent on having a BABY.

For more than nine years they endured 15 unsuccessful bouts of IVF, taking out loans, maxing out credit cards and remortgaging their house in the process.

Even though the couple were told they had just a five per cent chance of conceiving, they put every penny they had into fulfilling their dream.

Bank clerk Delina, 40, says: "Having so many unsuccessful IVF treatments doesn't compare to how much money we spent. It was a devastating process.

"We'd constantly get our hopes up that it would be a success, but then the pregnancy test would be negative and we would have to start again.

"We tried to stay determined, but as the years went on it was harder to be positive every time.

"People who haven't been through it aren't aware but IVF is an extremely invasive and exhausting treatment.

"That, mixed with the financial difficultly we were getting into, put a lot of strain on us both.

"But obviously we're both over the moon that we stuck with it."

Delina's problems began more than ten years ago when she had an ectopic pregnancy where the baby develops outside the uterus and had to have the foetus and a Fallopian tube removed.

She says: "It was very difficult to understand. Both Simon and I were delighted when I became pregnant, but it was quickly snatched away from us.

"It was a terrible time, but we were both sure of one thing we wanted to try again."

Doctors knew it would be difficult for Delina to conceive again, so she was placed on the NHS waiting list for IVF.

A year later she received her first treatment.

She recalls: "The doctors warned me it would be an extremely stressful and often painful process, but I didn't care. I really wanted a baby.

"I had to inject myself with hormones every day for two months before having three eggs implanted in my womb."

Two weeks later the couple, from Sevenoaks, Kent, held their breath in anticipation as Delina did a pregnancy test. Sadly it was negative.

She recalls: "We had such high expectations and were sure I was going to be pregnant. It really knocked us both when I wasn't.

"I cried all night. It felt like we'd already had our dose of bad luck with the ectopic pregnancy and we deserved to have some happy news.

"Luckily Simon stayed positive and was determined not to give up until we had a baby, so we didn't."

The couple continued with another two bouts of IVF which the NHS provided, then had to fund the rest.

Delina continues: "We took out huge loans, went to the limit with our credit cards and even remortgaged the house.

"The financial and emotional pressures of constantly being disappointed by the IVF which cost more than 5,000 a time took its toll on our relationship and we would often row.

"But we were both just frustrated and knew we loved each other dearly. There was no way it was ever going to break us."

Simon, 40, a carpenter, says: "We had to watch every penny and couldn't afford any of the finer things in life. Holidays, meals out and nice clothes went out of the window, but it didn't matter.

"We had the hope of having a child and were willing to give up all those things."

After nine years, the Trees had spent nearly 60,000 on the treatment and still had nothing to show for it.

Delina says: "There were times when I thought I'd never conceive and it was affecting how I behaved around my friends and family members who had children.

"I love my nephews and nieces dearly but it was sometimes hard being around them.

"By the time we went for our 15th attempt at IVF, I was emotionally and physically drained. My body had been through so much.

"Then the consultant told us we had around a five per cent chance of conceiving and I felt the blood drain from my face.

"It broke my heart to know it was that little and I saw our dream slipping away for ever."

The couple agreed it would be their last go at having a baby and two weeks after the treatment at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, Delina took a pregnancy test.

She says: "It was terrifying, because I knew, no matter what the outcome, that it would be the last time I would do one.

"Seeing the faint blue line appear, I thought my eyes were playing tricks.

"Simon was outside the bathroom asking what was happening, but I couldn't speak.

"I couldn't believe it was positive, so I simply passed it to Simon without saying a word.

"He started screaming, 'We're pregnant!' and jumping around the house.

"It was great to see him so happy, but I wouldn't allow myself to get too carried away. It all seemed toogood to be true."

A few weeks later the couple went for their first scan but Delina still wasn't convinced it would be good news.

She says: "I was certain the nurse would do the ultrasound and tell me I was having an ectopic pregnancy again.

"So when she just smiled and said she could see the baby's heart beating, I could have cried with joy."

To make sure their baby remained healthy throughout the pregnancy, Delina booked up expensive private scans every two weeks.

She says: "The first three months were very nerve-racking, but when I felt the baby kick for the first time, I finally let myself believe I was going to be a mum."

On January 15 this year, Delina went into surgery to have a Caesarean birth with Simon by her side.

She says: "The moment the baby came out, I heard a cry and Simon told me we had a little girl.

"Holding her in my arms for the first time, tears fell down my face as I looked at her amazing little face.

"We decided to call her Olivia and I haven't been able to take my eyes off her since that day.

"Every day I look at her perfect fingers and toes in disbelief that she's actually mine.

"We will be paying off our debt for years, but we don't care.

"We'd spend it all over again to have Olivia in our lives.

"She is worth every single penny."

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