This story of how three-year-old Arron Butterfield looks set to become a champion jockey appeared on page three of the Daily Mail newspaper on October 1st.

We were asked by Arron's dad, Alex, to get publicity for his son's prodigal talent and he wasn't disappointed.



My Little Rider: The pony-show champ aged three

With four generations of riders in the family, it was only to be expected that Arron Butterfield would show form in the saddle.

Just not quite so soon. Arron sat on his first pony at 18 months, won his first riding-show prize aged two and now, at the ripe old age of three, is beating rivals four times his age.

At this rate, it cannot be long before he achieves his ambition of becoming a leading jockey.

His father Alex, 38, from Frome, Somerset, said: "We are all stunned at how good he is, and obviously very proud.

"I suppose riding runs in the family as I'm a former jockey, my father served in the Royal Horse Guards at Buckingham Palace and my grandfather andgreat-grandfather were both riders.

"We didn't want to force him to ride if he didn't want to but ever since he was tiny he has loved horses.

I take him down to the stables every day when I come back from work and he's always waiting for me in his jodhpurs and boots telling me to hurry up."

Mr Butterfield, who works for an antiques reclamation company, added: "We had to get a saddle specially made. To start with Arron fell off a couple of times but it didn't seem to faze him at all."

Arron attends nursery five mornings a week, after which Mr Butterfield and his wife Claire, 29, take their son for a two-hour session at the livery stables.

His latest acquisition: a miniature wheelbarrow which he uses to muck out his pony, Pickles.

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