Mum Leaves Kid in Taxi Cab- The Sun Newspaper- Exclusive News Story- ***May 2014***

We sold this story about a mum leaving her toddler in the back of a taxi cab to The Sun newspaper.

Cab driver Ertan Rasit had dropped the mum off and only discovered the 'stowaway' when he collected his next fare.

Shocked Ertan drove quickly back to where he had dropped the woman and was relieved to reunite the boy with his mum.

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I had a baby in the back of my cab once, which someone left.

A black cab driver motored around London for 15 minutes unaware that a woman passenger had left her toddler in the back seat.

Ertan Rasit, a cabbie for 18 years, had dropped off the woman near Paddington station and drove off after she paid the fare.

It was only when he picked up his next passenger that the mistake was discovered.

The next passenger alerted Ertan to the fact that the toddler, thought to be aged two, was happily clinging onto the headrest in the back seat apparently pleased to be going on a sightseeing tour of the capital.

There was a bit of panic and Ertan decided to drive back to the place where he had dropped off the mother of the child. All the time the toddler seemed oblivious to the furore.

When he got to the spot the woman was there wailing, a crowd had gathered, and the police were on the scene.

As Ertan pulled up the woman raced towards the cab shouting for her child to be given back to her.

When Ertan got out and handed over the toddler the crowd that gathered burst into a round of applause.



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