Moshi Monster Toy 'Rip-Off'- The Sun Newspaper- Exclusive News Story- ***March 2013***

The parents of a five year old girl contacted us after being told that a firm making collectable kids toys had admitted that one of the creatures being sought after by children did not exist.

Families across the UK had spent thousands of pounds trying to collect all 16 Moshi Monsters only to be told one had never been produced.

We sold the story to The Sun newspaper as an exclusive to alert other parents about the problem.

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PARENTS say the maker of kids craze Moshi Monsters ripped them off after they spent thousands of pounds hunting for a rare toy which did not exist.

The firm said 16 figures from the online fantasy game were on sale hidden in packaging.

But mums and dads could not find the final one to complete the set despite still buying them.

And last night makers Mind Candy admitted the elusive character named Snozzle Wobbleson had not even gone on sale.

Moshi Monster Snozzle Wobbleson
Missing monster ... Snozzle Wobbleson

Collectors could buy two hidden monsters for 2 or four labelled ones plus a hidden character for 5.

They scoured shops and the internet for the missing green jelly-like creature with googly eyes.

Dad Jay Sheppard, 34, of Cirencester, Gloucs, buys them for daughter Millie, five, and said: "They are ripping us off. Thousands are buying them to get the last one."

Mind Candy said it was trying to get more Snozzles into shops but confirmed NONE had been on sale when we contacted them.

The company, said to be worth 200million, blamed a "production error".

A spokesman said it would hold "Snozzle Saturday" events on March 16 for children to swap spares for the missing one for free.

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