Met and married in 17 hours- Worldwide media coverage- ***May 2010***

Nick Bond contacted us to tell his story about how he had met a TV presenter in Las Vegas during a trip away with the lads- and married her 17 hours later.

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Nick and his new wife were delighted with the fee.

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They met at midnight, he proposed at 3.30am, wed at 5pm (and made love at 7pm)


FAST mover Nick Bond went on a lads' holiday to Las Vegas - and hit the jackpot when he married a stranger he'd met 17 HOURS earlier.

He set eyes on gorgeous blonde Alex Gabrielson in a hotel bar at MIDNIGHT, boozily proposed at 3.30AM over a fry-up and tied the knot at 5PM.

And he wasn't slow at getting down to business in the bedroom either - that happened two hours later at 7PM.

A sober Nick, 30, beamed: "I've won the best girl in the world. I'm the luckiest man alive. I went to Vegas to have some fun with my mates. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would meet my future wife."

American Alex added: "It's the most insane decision I've ever made. But it's also the best decision. It was love at first sight."

Nick's parents, on the other hand, were gobsmacked. His dad called him a "plonker" and his mum is still in denial.

But grinning bridegroom insisted: "I've been so happy since I met Alex. It's like I am living a dream."

Today the couple tell the story of their amazing whirlwind romance which started when boozy Nick accidentally spilled his vodka and Red Bull over Alex.

He had just arrived in gambling capital Vegas an hour earlier with his mates. At midnight he was in the Jet bar at the Mirage hotel, where Alex, 23, was staying with friends.

Nick said: "There was an instant attraction. She was wearing this sexy black dress and four-inch stiletto heels. She was sexier than any woman in there by a mile. She's a 10 out of 10."


It wasn't long before Nick, from Cheam, Surrey, had whisked her on to the dance floor and was trying out his cheesy chat-up lines. He said: "I asked, 'How to do you irritate Lady GaGa? ... Poker face!' I couldn't believe it - she was loving it.

"We were spinning around on the dance floor having the odd kiss. We couldn't stop laughing and smiling - it was euphoric.

BIG DAY: Nick arrives in Vegas at 11pm, meets Alex in the Jet bar at midnight, proposes at the Peppermill diner at 3.30am, weds at 5pm and romps at 7pm
BIG DAY: Nick arrives in Vegas at 11pm, meets Alex in the Jet bar at midnight, proposes at the Peppermill diner at 3.30am, weds at 5pm and romps at 7pm

"I'm not going to lie, I'd had my fair share to drink. I'd had about ten vodka and Red Bulls, some tequila shots and a few beers. But I still knew what I felt."

By 3am the pair went to get some food with Nick's mate - and soon-to-be best man, Simon, plus Alex's pal Whitney. They found a diner called the Peppermill where they shared a fry-up.

Nick - who divorced in 2004 after a two-year marriage and has two children Harry, nine, and Phoebe, eight - said: "Alex and I were in our own little world and talked about our past relationships. I told her I'd been married and had kids. She told me she'd been single for about a year.

"As we talked we were just overcome with emotion. I suddenly blurted out, 'I think I love you!' and to my amazement Alex said, 'I think I love you, too!'

"I said something like, 'We should just get married' and she told me that wasn't the way to ask - that I had to get down on one knee.

"So I did. She was shocked. I didn't have a ring, so we used one she was wearing on her other hand. We kissed and the whole restaurant was in awe. It was amazing. We jumped in a cab to find a chapel but were told we would need to go to a courthouse for the marriage documents in the morning."

So the pair went back to the hotel. But instead of jumping into bed for a drunken romp, Nick and Alex vowed not to sleep together until they were married - a few hours later.

Nick said: "Of course I wanted to, but it was a respect thing. We woke up at 9am and both of us still wanted to get married."

BOOZY NIGHT: They got engaged after three hours
BOOZY NIGHT: They got engaged after three hours

Alex added: "I was terrified he would think proposing was a drunken mistake, but he was as excited as I was."

The pair spent the day, April 16, arranging the 10-minute ceremony at A Special Memory wedding chapel which was attended by 20 of their friends.


Nick bought a 1,600 ring from a Mirage hotel boutique and Alex wore a lilac dress she'd brought with her.

He recalled: "She looked absolutely stunning, even though everything had been so rushed. I was really nervous. I kept thinking, 'Am I really doing this?'

"I had vowed to stay single after my divorce. But once it was done we both knew it was the right choice."

The newlyweds quickly celebrated with their friends, and two hours later, at 7pm, they rushed back to the hotel.

Nick said: "I carried her over the threshold into her room. We told our friends that we wanted to have a nap but of course one thing led to another and that's when we consummated the marriage. Luckily, it was amazing. I was worried because we had waited that there wouldn't be any compatibility in the bedroom.

"But Alex was a 10 out of 10 in there as well. Her body is incredible. We spent the next few days together before she had to leave. As her cab drove away to the airport, I texted her to say, 'I miss you already Mrs Bond.'

"And I meant it. Marrying her was the best decision I ever made."

But others haven't been so enthusiastic. Broadcast journalist Alex admitted: "My best friend said I was an attention seeker. Others have said I am out of his league, but I don't believe it for a second. Nick is exactly my type. He's 6ft 3in and I'm just 5ft 5in, so when he wraps me in his arms it feels safe."

Nick added: "A few people have said we're being stupid and irresponsible, but we're young and we're not hurting anyone. I've been married before, but this is the first time I have properly been in love."

Nick is yet to convince his dad Peter, 63, and mum Lynda, 60, he's done the right thing. Nick said: "Dad said, 'You have finally flipped, we need to have a chat.' And he called me a rude word as well. Mum lives in Australia and we've only talked on the phone. But she doesn't want to believe me. She keeps saying, 'You're winding me up.'"

But it's Alex's parents Nick is most worried about - because they DON'T know about the wedding yet. And Alex's retail boss dad has a collection of HUNTING RIFLES.

Financial advisor Nick said: "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified."

But Nick and Alex, from St Cloud, Minnesota, insist the marriage will last and are planning a new life in Britain.


Alex is due to visit in three weeks to look for work, and then the couple will return to America to tell her family - saying they're engaged at first rather than married. Alex said: "We're worried about what my dad will say but I think I will be able to smooth it over.

"I want to move to the UK to start my new life with Nick as soon as possible. I want to get to know his kids. And we plan to have our own kids one day.

"We're in love and hope everyone will be happy for us. He's the man of my dreams. I'm lucky to have found him."

Nick grinned: "Alex is the fittest girl I have ever pulled."

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