This story revealed how a man had put his car in for a servie only to discover mechanics had taken it for a ride hitting speeds of 125mph.

We were contacted by someone who spotted the story on an internet forum.

The source of the story was paid a good fee for the simple tip-off.

The story appeared as an exclusive in the Sunday Mirror newspaper.

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A driver put his sports car in for repair... then discovered mechanics had taken it on a 125mph joyride.

The owner found out what had happened after spotting footage of their journey on an in-car computer.

When he checked the black box-style gadget  it showed mechanics tearing around roads in the 30,000 Vauxhall Monaro when they were supposed to be fixing his leaky radiator.

The device recorded their speed, the terrifying view from the front of the car which has a top speed of 185mph  and even a map pinpointing where they were.

Police are now investigating.

The owner said: "The Monaro was supposed to be in my local friendly garage having a radiator leak fixed.

"In fact, the boys in the garage were out having fun."

In the video a mechanic puts his foot down for a test drive on the A435 near Redditch, Worcs, and hits 125mph along narrow country lanes and in built-up areas.

The journey was recorded on a gadget costing about 300 which sits on the car bonnet and records journey information.

The owner has put the footage on YouTube, saying: "When I showed it to them, they said they didn't think they were going that fast then they apologised."

The 6-litre V8 Monara does 0-60mph in 5.3 seconds. Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson described it as "truly wonderful".

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