Live Lizard Found In Salad- Daily Mail Newspaper- Exclusive Photo Story- ***November 2012***

This bizarre photo shows a lizard living in a bag of salad which had been bought from a supermarket.

The picture was sent to us by Ian Lock who only discovered the reptile a week after putting the salad in his fridge.

We sold the picture story to the Daily Mail newspaper as an exclusive.

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Is this a salad-mander? Electrician finds six-inch lizard crawling in supermarket bag of leaves as he prepares sandwich

It was labelled 'wild' rocket salad from Italy.

But Ian Lock, 55, couldn't believe his eyes when a live six-inch long lizard appeared amongst the leaves, crawling around inside.

The electrician said the sight of the creature in the bag he was about to use to make a sandwich made his 'stomach turn over.'

Incredible: This lizard was lurking in the pack of 'wild' Italian rocket which Ian and Jane Lock bought from Morrisons

Incredible: This lizard was lurking in the pack of 'wild' Italian rocket which Ian and Jane Lock bought from Morrisons

He explained: 'I shouted for my wife Jane to come and have a look. It was unbelievable. I had taken it out the fridge to make the sandwich and the lizard started moving around when it began to warm up in the kitchen.

'It was lucky that I never opened the packet. I was really shocked at the time and I still can't quite believe it.'

Mrs Lock, 54, a school caterer, had bought the 1 twin pack of rocket salad from their local Morrisons supermarket at Killamarsh, Derbyshire, on Monday last week.

The family went through the first pack during the week and took out the second one containing the lizard on Saturday for the first time.

It had been on the side for several minutes when the lizard's movement caught Mr Lock's eye as he prepared the sandwich.

The packet stated the contents came from Italy and Mr Lock, a father-of-two, said customer services were also shocked when he phoned to tell them.

Morrisons apologised for the lizard and sent two workers from the local store to their house to collect the evidence.

'They've not got back to me since and they haven't been very impressive to be honest, maybe I should have rung the RSPCA instead. I expected a manager to come over and deal with it, but they just sent two young lads from the shop floor.'

A Morrisons spokesman said the incident was under investigation. He said: 'All of the products sold in our stores go through a rigorous quality checking process to ensure they meet the high standards our customers expect.

'Unfortunately it appears that on this occasion the bag of salad in question did not meet these standards.'

The store said it had offered a refund.

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