After England and Tottenham footballer Ledley King was arrested for an alleged assault at a nightclub we were contacted by two different people.

The first person wanted to sell photos of the arrest that had taken place which we sold on their behalf to the national newspapers, including the Daily Mirror who used the picture on its front page .

The second person wanted to reveal how the footballer had acted in the police cells overnight. We sold this story as an exclusive to The Sun newspaper.

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SHAMED Ledley King wept like a baby after being locked up for an alleged racist attack, it was claimed last night.


The drunk Spurs captain "cried and sobbed" in a police cell after trying in vain to get officers to let him go, it was said.

Two men being dealt with at the same station said the star alternately ranted and pleaded with the cops, bragging that he earned 83,000 a week.

They claimed the England ace arrested after a nightclub row shouted at the sergeant: "Boss man, boss man, I don't deserve to be here I'm rich."

King, 28, also allegedly BARGED officers, SCREAMED and BOOTED his cell door at London's Charing Cross nick.

One of the men, Naveed Johnson, 22, said: "I've never seen anyone in that bad a way with alcohol. His trousers were down almost to his knees and it was obvious he had wet himself.

"He could barely stand up straight and had to be helped by officers. When he wasn't talking he was sobbing and crying like an infant."

Naveed and pal Joseph Chalker, 19, who had been detained over a street row with a stranger, were being fingerprinted when King was brought in early on Sunday.

King had been arrested in a 2am bust-up in Soho where he allegedly called bouncer Wahib Butt, 22, a "fat Paki ****" and punched him.

Naveed added: "Some of the police were laughing at him and the sergeant told him to speak with respect and not to call him 'boss man'.

"I barely got a wink of sleep because he was screaming all night. When we were all released at lunchtime he looked terrible and stank of urine."

Pal Joseph added: "As he was being booked in he was trying to talk down to the police. He kept going on and on about how much money he earned."

Yesterday King, who has been given four weeks' bail on suspicion of racially aggravated assault, laid low at his 3million home in Cuffley, Herts, as his Spurs team-mates trained.

He emerged at 3pm in sunglasses and a woolly cap to drive off with another man without commenting.

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