Killer Staffie Ripped My Dog To Shreds- The Sun Newspaper- Exclusive News Story- ***Today***

The owner of a tiny Yorkshire terrier contacted us after it was ripped apart by a Staffordhsire bull terrier as they sat in a pub garden.

Dasha Darazhio, 30, contacted us in the hope that it would help find the owners of the killer dog.

We sold the story for Dasha to the Sun newspaper and the story has since been picked up by other media.

Scroll down to read what happened.

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A mum and her three-year old son are in shock after their tiny Yorkshire terrier was ripped to bits in front of them in a pub garden play area by a ‘devil dog.’


Dasha Darazhio, 30, her three-year old son Max were having lunch with friends in a ‘family friendly’ pub garden and their sweet little dog called Bru was lying under the table.


Suddenly ‘out of nowhere’ a huge Staffordshire bull terrier type dog lumbered towards then and headed under the table where it gripped Bru in its powerful jaws.


Dasha told her son and a friend’s child to jump on the table to get away from the dog which was tossing Bru around ‘like a rag doll.’


Then she started punching the dog in the face to try and get it to release her dog, while screaming at the owners to call their brutish dog off.


Eventually the owners grabbled their dog and ‘ran off’ said Dasha, a nursing and midwifery student.


They wrapped mortally wounded Bru, who had massive internal injuries, in at T-shirt and rushed her to a vet nearby.


The vets tried hard to save Bru but she died in the early hours of the morning from her injuries.


Dasha said that the couple who brought their FOUR bull terrier type dogs into the pub garden, where children were playing, were ‘highly irresponsible’ and should be tracked down.


She said: ‘I can’t believe that my little dog is dead and their dog is OK and having its dinner. This dog is dangerous and could kill a child.’


The incident happend at the Wagon and Horses pub in Watling St, Elstree, Hertfordshire, at the weekend.


Dasha said: ‘This couple’s dogs were very aggressive, like fighting dogs. What sort of a person brings those dogs into a pub garden play area and then lets one off the lead?


‘This happened right by my feet, in front of my son and me. I tried my very best to save her. I punched the dog in it''s nose and it finally let Bru go, but then it was too late.


‘My tiny little sweet Yorkie had all her insides ripped out by that massive Staffie. The owners ran away and no one can find them.


‘We of course told the police and very painfully it's being treated as criminal damage. The pain I feel every second when I am awake is not describable. I was so close to my dog and she was the kindest sweetest thing ever, she wouldn''t hurt a fly.


‘How did this happen doesn''t make any sense. I keep thinking that the dogs were clearly fighting dogs, bread to fight other dogs.


Why why why did the owners think it was ok to take them to a pub? Why did they think it''s ok to bring such dangerous dog to a pub full of kids and friendly dogs?


‘I can never get the picture of what happened out of my head. My beloved dog is dead whilst that killer dog is enjoying it's dinner, like nothing ever happened. They killed my dog and broke my heart, and my son’s heart and no one seems to care.’

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