Jamie Oliver Bull Fighting Row- Daily Mirror Newspaper- Exclusive New Story- ***July 2012***

We were contacted by three people asking us to raise awareness of a controversial travel piece in which chef Jamie Oliver appeared to be glorifying bull-fighting.

The celebrity cook had advised people they might want to send their children on a matador experience day at a l bull ring in Spain. 

We alerted the Daily Mirror Newspaper who ran a piece in which Jamie apologised.

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Jamie Olé-ver: TV chef 'sorry' after he's accused of glorifying bullfighting

The chef was condemned by fans when he seemed to promote the cruel sport as part of a city guide on his official website.

Row: Jamie Oliver is in hot water

Row: Jamie Oliver is in hot water


Jamie Oliver was caught up in an animal rights storm yesterday after he appeared to glorify bullfighting.

The chef was condemned by fans when he seemed to promote the cruel sport as part of a city guide on his official website.

Jamie, 37, describes the Spanish town of Ronda as the "birthplace of modern bullfighting".

He added: "The bullring in Ronda is right in the middle of the old part of town and it's definitely worth stopping by for a look.

"There's a little museum inside where you can buy really great limited edition bullfighting prints and books.

"If you're new to the history and culture of bullfighting, like I was, it's a great way to get a basic understanding of it.

"Some of the local kids take matador classes so if you're lucky, you might get to see these guys in action."

The city guides on his website were devised as part of his Jamie Does series, which first broadcast in 2010 on Channel 4.

In the show he visited Ronda as well as other places round the globe.

Spanish matador Salvador Cortes fights a bull during a bullfight at the Maestranza Bullring in Sevilla
Cruel: Brutal bullfight in Seville


In the past week Jamie has been hit by a furious backlash on his Facebook page.

One fan said: "You should be ashamed."

Elaine Doe added: "Jamie, I have always enjoyed your programmes and all the good you have tried to do but surely you must realise the savage brutality involved in bullfighting, not to mention other Spanish activities involving animals.

"Why then are you doing your best to encourage it?"

Another fan, Claire Wicks said: "Nice food – shame about you supporting bullfighting."

Jamie's apparent endorsement of the sport comes despite the chef campaigning for animal welfare.

He has done a number of high-profile campaigns to improve the conditions in which pigs and chickens are kept.

After being inundated with complaints, his team yesterday apologised on his Facebook page.

It read: "We've been responding to many emails and posts individually as a number of people have brought up specific points which we have answered.

"Once again, Jamie does not condone bullfighting and we hope this clarifies the situation and apologise to anyone offended."

A source close to Jamie added: "This programme was shown a while ago and it's unusual why the complaints are coming in now.

"If you watch the show they are very careful not to promote bull-fighting and they don't actually go to a bullfight.

"You can't really do a food and travel programme in Andalusia without reference to it and there is only a tiny bit of library footage that we used."

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