Inside the mind of a killer: Jon Venables' drawing- Newspaper exclusive- *March 2010*

This picture by Jon Venables was drawn shortly before he killed Jamie Bulger.

The drawing gives a distrubing insight into his mind.

We sold the story as an exclusive to the News of World newspaper.

Our source retained their anonymity and was paid a very good fee for the story.

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AT first glance it appears little more than any child's stick-men picture.

But this is the chilling drawing which gives a disturbing insight into the warped mind of caged Jon Venables.

Because on further inspection it is clear the subject matter is inspired by a scene from 18-rated horror movie Halloween.

Two of the figures are prostrate with blood gushing from their bodies while an attacker with breasts towers above, slashing with two enormous knives.

The picture, which has never been published before, was drawn by a ten-year-old Venables just days before he and accomplice Robert Thompson murdered James Bulger. It is dated January. James was killed in February.

It reveals the mind of a schoolboy twisted by an unstable upbringing where a normal night involved watching brutal horror movies.

The picture was handed to the News of the World this week after Venables was locked up for breaching the special conditions of his release on parole.

It was part of a bundle prepared for the trial at Preston Crown Court in 1994 although it is not thought to have been shown to the jury.

Venables entitled the drawing "My Dads house". The faded photocopy has words riddled with appalling spelling mistakes and makes little sense apart from illustrating the story of the notorious late 70s slasher movie starring Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis

Venables wrote: "In my dads I saw howowen is when you a girl and this man and he kiled people especial girls and he has got a mask on that he robed knifes out the shop and the police that it was plce but it was not it was the man."

Respected author Blake Morrison recounts seeing the harrowing drawing in his book on the Bulger case, As If. Morrison, who revealed the drawing was found in a wardrobe at the home of Venables' father Neil, said "The drawing suggests how seeing Halloween deeply disturbed an already deeply disturbed little boy.

"Did something else happen at home to disturb Jon?" The book also outlines how Venables was regularly smacked by his mum Susan.

RAMBLING: Venables' badly-spelled scrawl on top of warped drawing
RAMBLING: Venables' badly-spelled scrawl on top of warped drawing

Morrison added: "Was he frightened by Susan's physical chastisings? The knife-wielder in his drawing has breasts."

Last night criminal psychologist Professor David Canter said it was common for killers to draw scenes of mayhem.

He said: "Often killers, especially serial killers, will act out their fantasies in drawings and go on to carry them out in the real world. The total immersion in this kind of material can lead to aggressive acts, which is what unfortunately happened in this case."

LAST night Venables' lawyer at the time of his crime claimed he is being haunted by the imaginary childhood invented by probation staff as a cover for his lost years after James' murder.

Laurence Lee said: "Trying to invent a life for what you did over the whole of your youth is impossible. Unless you were extremely mentally strong that would catch up with you. It never goes away. It's like a festering boil this case."

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