This is the second time we have sold this story for Amanda Moore.

The brave 24-year-old contacted us to sell the story about how she risked her life to have a baby.

Amanda suffers from brittle bone disease but despite warnings from doctors was determined to have a child.

We previously sold this story for Amanda to That's Life magazine. Amanda has been delighted by the articles and the money she has received.

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HAPPY Amanda Moore and Steven Fyfe cuddle the gorgeous little son who could have KILLED his severely disabled mum just by being born.

Doctors had told brittle-bone sufferer Amanda, 24, that her fragile 3ft frame meant she would never be a mother.

Carrying a child could easily cause her heart to fail. And her tiny body would not be able to stretch enough to fit a baby and all her vital organs.

But she accidentally became pregnant and, despite the risks, was determined to keep her child.

She said: "Even though I wanted a child, I didn't want to die giving birth to it. I cried for hours. But my baby deserved its own chance at life."

Amanda - who weighs four stone and is wheelchair-bound - was also scared the tot would inherit her condition.

When she was born, 14 of her bones were broken and doctors thought she would die within hours. And as a teenager, Amanda, of Swindon, Wilts, resigned herself to the fact she'd never be able to be a mum herself.

Then, despite using contraception, she found herself expecting with her boyfriend - taxi firm worker Steven, 19. Doctors warned she should have a termination, but she refused. At 35 weeks, after suffering blackouts and becoming housebound, she had a Caesarean at a hospital in Oxford, on February 27.

Ten medical staff were on standby in case anything went wrong.

But little Aidan was born weighing a healthy 5lb 5ozs. Happily he hasn't inherited the disease.

He is now 11lb - and getting too heavy for plucky Amanda to lift. She said: "I will find a way to work around that.

"I've never let anything get in my way before!"

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