Human Rights Convict Left Me To Look After The Kids- The People Newspaper- Exclusive News Feature- ***March 2012***

The sister of the 'human rights burglar' originally kept out of jail to look after his five kids conacted us to sell his story.

We secured Sherrie McKinley a newspaper deal worth SIX TIMES the amount of money offered by a rival agency.

Sherrie needed the money to help look after the children and wanted us to handle the inevitable media attention.

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THE heroic sister of the serial criminal freed from jail because of his "human right" to a family life said last night: "What about my human rights?"

Sherrie McKinley, 36, has selflessly stepped in to look after Wayne Bishop's five children along with her own six after he was banged up for a second time for a vicious assault.

In an exclusive interview with The People, divorcee Sherrie said: "He complains about his human rights but what about my own and my kids' human rights?

"We're all having to make sacrifices because of his stupid mistakes.

"My three pet dogs have more room to sleep in our house than my extended family of 12!

"I could rant and rave all night that my brother has breached my family's human rights but I won't.

"We don't even have enough beds for us all but we'll manage. We'll cope and it will work because that is the choice we've made."

Former hairdresser Sherrie, who has a ­modest three-bedroom terrace home in Clifton, Nottingham, acted swiftly after Bishop, 34, was sent back to prison for eight months on Wednesday.

He attacked a man less than a month after an eight-month sentence for ­burglary and dangerous driving was overturned because of his "human right" to look after his children.


Sherrie, who unlike her thug brother brings up her six children with military-style discipline, said: "I'm not doing it for him. He's an idiot and deserves to be locked up.

"I'm doing it for his five kids, who are my flesh and blood, and face not having a roof over their heads because their stupid dad keeps getting into trouble and letting them down.

"They're devastated that their dad who promised to behave for their sakes has been locked up.

"He had a golden opportunity and he blew it. He has no one to blame but himself."

In just three days, the petite no-nonsense mum has tried to bring some newfound structure into the chaotic lives of her beloved but confused nephews and nieces.

And despite complaints from her two eldest daughters Jade, 18, and Chanie, 17, that their cousins are "so grubby and rude", Sherrie has vowed to make a difference.

She splashed out £90 of her ­modest savings at her local Asda on new school uniforms for the youngest three, plus new pyjamas for them all.

And the youngest girls were made to tie up their unruly locks into ponytails for school the next day.

Sherrie explained: "There were no tears and tantrums. They happily complied and thought it looked cool."

Sherrie's children also include11-year-old daughter Charly and sons ­Te-Jay, eight, and two-year-old Mason, plus nephew Joseph, 15.

Before Bishop was jailed at Nottingham Crown Court Sherrie promised her brother, a fellow single parent, that she would take care of his kids.

She recalled: "The arrogant so-and-so honestly thought he may get another reprieve. What is it with him?

"He was convinced he would be lucky again and not be sent down. It was a shock for him but I'm glad he was jailed because he deserves it.

"He only got eight months and he'll be out in four. He should have been banged up for two years to teach him a proper lesson."


Sherrie is now having to adapt her own lifestyle, and that of her kids, to include the new fivesome.

They are Courteney, who celebrated her 14th birthday the night before her dad was jailed, Katie, 13, Taylor, 10, Brandon, eight, and Kyle, seven.

Sherrie admitted: "Our lifestyle will have to change now. No more ­takeaways or going out for nice meals.

"I have five more mouths to feed so things will be different in my household." Sleeping arrangements at the family's small but cosy home were ­already challenging.

Sherrie grinned: "You end up where you fall, as simple as that. We all mix and match."

She has two medium-sized bedrooms and a small bedroom, one modest-sized bathroom, with bath and separate shower but just one loo for a dozen.

But the privately owned end-of-terrace home, which Sherrie rents for £550 a month, is decked out with four televisions, including a 50-inch flat screen in the lounge.

Sherrie shares a king-sized bed with her toddler son and the other five children share two bedrooms – the girls in trio bunk beds in one room, the boys in a double bunk in the other.

Now with five extra kids Sherrie admitted she was at stretching point.

The lounge now doubles as a bed for a few of them, and some have to "top and tail" in existing beds. But despite complaints that "someone keeps kicking me in the head", they manage.

Sherrie called a family ­summit for her new family of 11 to ensue the household runs smoothly.

She said: "We sat down over a can of Coke and discussed rules and regulations, everything from meals and sleep to chores and pocket money.

"My motto here is: tidy up after yourself, make your bed the best you can and don't leave a mess, it drives me insane. Plus eat what's put in front of you and learn some respect."

Sherrie gets State benefits ­totalling £2,000 a month plus £500 towards rent.

She said: "Once the new arrivals are settled, I might look into some more State help but I haven't given it more than a fleeting thought.

"I've been so rushed off my feet it hasn't crossed my mind yet. It really isn't a priority right now. We need to get the Bishop kids ­settled. We're still trying to unpack all their clothes. We know we all have to cut down with an extra five kids here and we will. Luckily I don't smoke and rarely drink and go out partying.

"All my money goes on feeding, clothing and housing this lot.

"Obviously there's five extra school meals or packed lunches to provide now, and clothes and transport but we'll get by, whether there's any extra State help or not.


"My priority is to keep five vulnerable kids, who faced being homeless, ­together and happy. We'll have to give up some of our luxuries and we will."

If Sherrie had not stepped in to help, her brother's children would have been put in care and probably split up.

Sherrie, who was put in care herself for a year at the age of three after a family breakdown involving her jailbird dad, said: "That scenario would have broken my heart."

Her brother's estranged wife is an alleged drink and drugs addict unable to cope with the children, their grandparents are estranged and their real mum ­reportedly gave up full-time rights to them six years ago.

Bishop and his brother Robert, 40, a jobless bouncer, were found guilty of attacking a man in a supermarket who had allegedly insulted their niece.

Robert, who held the 23-year-old while Bishop punched him, was given a three-month curfew.

Before jailing Bishop, Judge Michael Stokes QC told him: "Other people have rights as well as you. We have the right not to have our homes and ­premises burgled, the right to walk the streets without fear of being attacked.

"Rights set out in the Human Rights Act are not to be produced like the ace of trumps to avoid a prison sentence."

Now Sherrie has put her and her kids' human rights aside as she sorts out the aftermath of her brother's stupidity.

She said: "I'm picking up the pieces because these five young kids deserve a better life, and a future."

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