Holidaymaker strikes lucky by filming the Queen at Balmoral- Sunday Mirror Newspaper- Exclusive News- ***August 2014***

We were contacted by a holidaymaker who just happened to be outside Balmoral when the Queen came out of the entrance on her pony. Steven Wanmer couldn’t believe his luck and managed to film the monarch who was, daringly, not wearing a riding hat. We contacted the Sunday Mirror newspaper and they used a still picture of the Queen from the video with the clever headling ‘Send her Victorihorse.’ We were also able to syndicate the pictures to other media outlets and pay Mr Wanmer a good fee for his great efforts.

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Queen is filmed as she clip-clops out of Balmoral on a pony.


In a rare insight into her life away from public duty, the Queen is captured on film riding out from her Balmoral estate.

The footage shows her on one of her beloved fell ponies, accompanied by a groom. As they approach the main road, they are seen waving on a car that had stopped to let them pass.

A surprised onlooker, who shot the film near her Scottish retreat, said: “We were enjoying a little sightseeing and were taking pictures at the gates wondering if the Queen was in residence – when out she rode. We never expected to see her for one minute.

“If the policeman at the gate had not saluted her you would never have known it was the Queen riding past us.”

He said her Majesty, dressed in a silk head scarf, jodhpurs and beige jacket, looked very relaxed and at ease. As usual, she chose not to wear a helmet – something that has repeatedly prompted concerns for her safety.

A royal biographer recently revealed she was once questioned about it while riding with trainer Ian Balding – brother of TV presenter Claire Balding – who said: “I really think it is ridiculous that you above all others do not wear a crash helmet.”

She replied: “I never have, and you don’t have to have your hair done like I do.”

A spokesman for the British Equestrian Health and Safety Association described her as “old school” for not wearing
a helmet.

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