Good Samaritan Loses Eye- The Sun Newspaper- Exclusive Crime Story- ***June 2013***

Ryan Afferion contacted us to tell the story of how a brutal thug had gouged hie eye out after he handed him a dropped £20 note.

We sold the story for Ryan to The Sun newspaper as an exclusive.

Ryan wanted people to know what trauma he had suffered.

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Samaritan loses eye

A GOOD Samaritan handed back £20 to a stranger — who then battered him so badly he lost an EYE.

Kind-hearted Ryan Afferion, 27, had picked up the dropped note while queuing for beer in a shop.

He returned it to Stephen George, 56, who invited him home for a drink to say thanks. But after they were joined by another man Craig Wall, Ryan was cracked across the head with a barstool.

As he lay unconscious, the thugs gouged out his left eye with the stool leg’s jagged edge, broke his nose and jaw and stamped on his windpipe.

They dragged the chef outside where he was found by a neighbour.

Blood was splattered across the house after the apparently motiveless attack in April 2012.

Dad-of-one Ryan was in a coma for three days. Surgeons discovered the eye wedged in his cheek and screw bits in his gaping socket. There were footprints on his neck and shoulders.

His attackers were caught when cops found a film of the attack on Wall’s mobile.

After Ryan got out of hospital they were on bail but able to walk down his street and smirk at him in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.

Ryan, who now has a glass eye and eight plates in his face, said: “I wish I’d pocketed that £20. To this day I don’t know why they did it.”

George, of Merthyr, was convicted of GBH and malicious wounding and was sentenced to three years. Wall, 34, admitted GBH and unlawful wounding. He was jailed for 12 years.

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