Fry-do for TV actor Stephen Fry as he plans to marry- The Sun Newspaper- Exclusive story- ***January2015***

We received a tip-off from an alert observer that celebrity Stephen Fry, 57, had turned up at a small register office in the market town of Dereham in Norfolk a few days before Christmas and gone inside for talks with the registrar who marries couples there.

It was happy news as Stephen has had problems with depression and loneliness in the past. We sent a reporter out to Dereham to try and find out whether it was indeed true, that Mr Fry had found happiness with a prospective life partner.

After several checks and a lot of legwork we eventually established that Mr Fry had indeed been arranging to marry his partner Elliott Spencer at the register office in Dereham, although a date for the ceremony has not been announced.

We contacted The Sun newspaper and they ran the exclusive story with a page one taster and a longer version on page nine.

One the cat was out of the bag, Mr Fry posted on tweeter saying he was ‘very happy’ and thanking people for the hundreds of congratulatory messages he was receiving.

Our exclusive story in The Sun was followed up by all media outlets in the UK and many around the world.

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