Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sell my story?
  • You can telephone us direct on our special hot line number 0845 609 0118 (calls are charged at local rate only and we'll phone you straight back if you wish) or fill in the story selling e-mail form opposite.

  • What happens after I contact you to sell my story?
  • If you have e-mailed us we will telephone you and have a general chat about whether we can sell your story. If we can sell your story we will contact newspapers and magazines on your behalf and find out who is prepared to pay the most for your exclusive story.
    We will then contact you and check whether the fee for your story is acceptable to you. If it is, we will send you an email guaranteeing the payment.
    If you have telephoned us we will seek the highest fee for your story on your behalf and telephone you back with a financial offer and confirm it by email.

  • Why should I contact you and not sell my story directly to a newspaper or magazine?
  • The simple answer is that you will make more money by selling your story through us.
    If you approach a newspaper they are only interested in what you can do for them. We are interested in what we can do for you.
    Newspapers want your story to themselves, known in the trade as 'an exclusive.'
    But we will develop a media strategy for you involving selling your story to several publications, maximising the amount of cash you can earn.
    Many people will feel intimidated about contacting newspapers and magazines direct, and rightly so. They are large organizations with very little in the way of courtesy to their customers.
    This may well be the first time you have ever thought of contacting the media and obviously you will not be aware of how much you can sell your story for. But we know how much stories can be sold for.
    We sell big stories on a daily basis to national newspapers and magazines and know how much your story is worth. We are able to give you an instant decision on whether we can sell your story and will indicate how much it is worth.
    You will get the highest possible fee from us because we test the market for you across a range of publications to assess who is prepared to pay the most for your newspaper or magazine story. If you approach a publication direct, you will end up with the fee they want to pay you, not necessarily the highest fee available for your story.
    We will then take over all the hard work for you, contacting the publication best suited for your particular story and then - the important bit- negotiating the fee for you.

  • How can I be sure I will get paid for my story?
  • If your story can be sold to your satisfaction, you will receive a legally binding email contract from us guaranteeing your payment from a newspaper or magazine. You can trust us because we rely on people like you contacting us to sell your story.

  • How much can I expect to be paid if I sell my story?
  • It depends on the type of story, some are more valuable than others. We have sold stories for as much as 40k and as little as £100. We will be able to advise you immediately whether we can sell your story and how much you are likely to be paid.

  • When will I be paid after I have sold my story?
  • Typically, payment for your story will be four weeks after publication.

  • Who will write my story?
  • A professional and experienced journalist will interview you and write your story.

  • Do I have any say in what is eventually published?
  • Your story can be read back to you after it has been written, if appropriate. At this stage you will be able to make alterations if there is any inaccuracy in the story, although this is a very rare occurrence.

  • Can I be anonymous when I sell my story?
  • If you wish to be yes, although stories tend to be worth much more if the person involved is willing to be photographed and identified. If you wish to pass on information on an anonymous basis, that's fine. You will still get paid and we can send you a contract guaranteeing your anonymity if you so wish.

  • Do I have to pay you for handling my story?
  • No, it is totally free. Our fee is totally separate to yours.

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