Eastenders and TOWIE love triangle revealed- The Sun Newspaper- Exclusive story- ***January2015***

One of our eagle-eyed informants rang to tell us that the ex-girlfriend of Towie heartthrob-type star Dan Osborne, Megan Tomlin, had launched into a bit of tirade on her instagram about a love-triangularly bizarre situation concerning his now girlfriend, Eastenders star Jacqueline Jossa who is pregnant with Dan’s baby.

Teacher Megan, who has a son with Dan, did not seem best pleased and said: ‘Have a lovely time in Liverpool in the bed I was in just last week, (mind you, wouldn’t be the first time you’ve tried jumping in my place.’

What could it all mean? It may be an everyday story of Towie folk and the Eastenders connection turned it into even more of a soap opera. Oh well, hope it all gets sorted out and is for the better, watch this space, etc.

We contacted The Sun newspaper and they ran the exclusive story with a page one taster and a longer version on page nine. Our informant received a decent payment.

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