Dummy Baby Shock: Police Drop Hospital Investigation- Daily Mail Newspaper- Exclusive News Crime Story- ***May 2013**

The mother of a baby who had a dummy taped to his mouth in hospital spoke of her shock after police dropped an investigation into the incident.


Sarah Fellows originally contacted our publicist Jonathan Hartley to raise awareness of the issue to prevent another baby suffering from the same fate.


Jonathan arranged interviews for Sarah in national newspapers as well as setting up an interview for her on ITV's This Morning.


The latest article appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper.


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Mother's anger as police give up search for the nurse who taped dummy to baby's mouth at scandal-hit Stafford Hospital


The mother of a premature baby who had a dummy taped to his mouth by a nurse at Stafford Hospital told of her anger yesterday after police said no one would be prosecuted over the incident.

Mason Fellows was being treated in the scandal-hit hospital for breathing difficulties when he was discovered with the dummy strapped to his mouth with surgical tape, which was stuck across each cheek twice.

At the time of the incident in January, hospital officials told his parents that others on the ward had reported hearing the four-month-old baby crying shortly before he was found with the dummy by a senior nurse.




An investigation was begun by the hospital, which identified three nurses as possible suspects. Miss Fellows then contacted police to investigate.

One of the nurses was suspended after she is said to have admitted seeing the dummy taped to Mason's face in his private room and failing to remove it, although she denied having put it there.

Staffordshire Police have now contacted Mason's mother, Sarah, 28, to tell her the investigation had ended because there was not enough evidence to arrest or charge anyone.


They had already cleared all doctors, cleaners and student nurses who were on duty that evening of involvement.

Miss Fellows, from Cannock, said she felt sick when the police told her they were dropping the case.

The mother-of-four, a trainee nurse herself, added: 'Now it seems we will never find out who did this.

'Mason was powerless to stop what happened. He was crying and needed comfort but had a dummy stuck to his mouth by somebody who should have looked after him.


'It was dangerous to do to any baby, let alone one who had trouble breathing. I'm as upset about all this for him as I am for myself.'

Dr Peter Sidebotham, a consultant paediatrician at Warwick Medical School, said: 'This carries very serious risks. Babies have the capacity to spit a dummy out, but if they were unable to do that, not only could breathing be compromised, but if they vomited, they could choke to death. It is the last thing a health professional should do.'

The incident is thought to have happened around two hours after Miss Fellows left the hospital to put her older children to bed.

Last week it was announced that Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Stafford Hospital, had become only the second trust in the country to be placed into administration, after it lost £20million last year. The Trust, where up to 1,200 patients are feared to have died needlessly between 2005 and 2009 as a result of poor care and a target-led culture, is likely to be broken up and taken over by other trusts.


Mason and his identical twin Reece were born 11 weeks premature on September 3, weighing less than 3lb each.

The boys have weak respiratory systems and in December both were admitted to Stafford Hospital after contracting bronchiolitis, which causes inflammation in the lungs. Mason was readmitted with the condition on New Year's Day.

The incident happened three days later, but it was 48 hours before the hospital informed Miss Fellows and ex-partner Lee Denny, 39, the father of the twins and their siblings Jack, five and Elysia, two.

Stafford Hospital confirmed a staff member remained suspended. A spokesman added: 'Now the police investigation is over, we have begun our own inquiry into this.'

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